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  1. J-G

    Shield Hero Sprites?

    I actually have a project made for this game and have several of his large sprites made. If your just need the shield hero himself. I wouldn't mind sharing him
  2. J-G

    Ignis Collectible Cards

    How's the tutorial video coming along?
  3. J-G

    Effekseer Resources

    Not sure about proper spot but check out my buds animations. Right now he made a new one, its pretty cool. Help him out if you feel he deserves it. Don't forget to share it please.
  4. J-G

    [RMMZ Request] Looking for a mighty fire whale battler sprite, lemme explain...

    I think there is one from Aekashics that may fit this. Only thing you may have to do is change color hues around.
  5. J-G

    RMMZ External links plugin for this yet?

    Is there a plugin to allow external links in game for mz?
  6. J-G

    Ignis Collectible Cards

    That's great to hear. Can't wait for it!
  7. J-G

    Ignis Collectible Cards

    Any way you can make a video showing exactly how to set it up with triple triad and without? I cannot seem to figure it out. Not many instructions in the plugin itself. Thanks in advance.
  8. J-G

    Ignis Collectible Cards

    That's freaking awesome. This has so much potential!
  9. J-G

    Ignis Collectible Cards

    Ohh man this looks sweet! Can it be modified by params? like allowing a different amount of cards to display per package opening?
  10. J-G

    (Effekseer)How to use Sample Animation from Effekseer website?

    Save the textures you will use in the mz textures folder, then save that same converted project into the mz effects folder, now just edit the node to load the graphic texture from the mz texture folder. Resave it, then just test in mz
  11. J-G

    How can I test my game in a mobile

    As far as i know if you deploy web and then follow the tutorial for android in mv tutorial, it should work the same.
  12. J-G

    RPG Maker MZ Animations.

    Someone made a bite animation already it seems.
  13. J-G

    RMMZ Dragonbones unison issue.

    So I was attempting to use the dragonbones unison plugin. I feel, I have everything correctly placed and done but I still come across and odd error. I hope i got every image needed. This shows the error, the created folder needed to hold all dragonbones files, the 3 main dragonbone files within...
  14. J-G

    VisuStella Sample Project & MZ Core Plugins

    I was going for the most obvious that you mentioned first which was portrait. The rest are intended to be that way. So I'll edit and add that.
  15. J-G

    VisuStella Sample Project & MZ Core Plugins

    Does anyone know how i can fix this portrait within the menu core plugin? I can't seem to find out how.
  16. J-G

    An MZless existence.

    I find it great, but it is still quite limited compared to MV due to the versatility of so many plugins available. Character Gen is better for sure in MZ but would have love the 8 Character directional sprite setting for it, sadly it is still only a 4D
  17. J-G

    The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    How can I fix the offset of my image? i used the note tag for the main menu plugin which allows to change the face for an image file, but i was unable to find how to fix the offset so that the image isn't so low. Can anyone help?
  18. J-G

    web deployment help

    Is Android browser just not well suited for web? This is what the game looks like in Android browser. My wall tiles n roof tiles are gone lol Other stages are just pitch black.
  19. J-G

    web deployment help

    Yeah I just tried it and on a website, for some reason it plays slow n lags a lot, seems even sv battlers used with plugin don't work even when file is there. I'm guessing web deployment still needs fine tuning.

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