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  1. Single Actor Menu Target

    I hope it's ok to gravedig this thread, but the problem appears to go beyond ItemCore. I'm using YEP Message Core and MainMenu Core and getting the same error (those are the only YEP plugins I'm using)
  2. RPG Maker MV Script Call List

  3. RPG Maker MV Script Call List

    What's a script call to check if the party has a weapon in their inventory? I can find calls on the list to give them weapons and items, but not simply to check for possession.
  4. Remove a Troop

    I haven't used it, so I can't speak for its effectiveness, but this plugin from Galv would seem to fit what you are looking for. Just set a switch for when you clear out the lair.
  5. Multi Timers

    That would be good. What would be really cool would be a way to speed up or slow down a timer. I was thinking of doing a "rest for x hours" event, but that seems like a headache, so I'll just do rest until night or morning.
  6. Multi Timers

    It works, thank you!
  7. Multi Timers

    I'm trying to set up a common event for a time system - I set up a day night switch toggle with this plugin just fine. But I also want to set up a timer that will add 1 to a variable so the time of the day can be checked by the player. I followed the code as set in the example, but nothing...
  8. [Help, RPGM MV] How do I change the lighting/shading direction?

    You could use the shadow pen (on the top row of tools, left of the zoom in icon) to erase the current shading, and then draw in new shading. To erase, click on an area already shaded and paint in the area you want unshaded. To shade, start in an unshaded area. I don't know if there is a quicker...
  9. Temporary Switch States

    Thanks for that. Presumably that needs to be set on the guard's scripting? How can I set a condition for the player leaving the room to apply it? (I know how to set a conditional branch: but I'm not sure of what code I could use to do this.) EDIT: Actually, the MAP ID and Event ID is used to...
  10. Temporary Switch States

    In my game I have a scene where the players are running from a guard. If the guard catches them, it triggers a fight. That event is working fine, but I want to set it so that when the battle ends, the guard collapses. I want to set it up so that the guard will stay down until the player leaves...
  11. Event progressing on user input

    Is there a way to have an event progress when the user clicks the mouse? In my project I am using pictures, and I would like the picture to be displayed indefinitely, until the user clicks the mouse, or presses the action button. Then it should move on to the next picture. Is tis possible? I...
  12. RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    Looking to make a capture skill (like a poke-ball). I've already got the formula $gameParty.gainItem($dataItems[b.enemyId()], 1) which will give the party a corresponding item whenever they get a successful capture. But what I need is an addition to the formula which is going to a) make success...
  13. Calling up Id numbers of enemies and items

    Ok, thanks, I'll ask there!
  14. Calling up Id numbers of enemies and items

    Is there a list of codes that work in the formula bar somewhere, so I can see if I can code that?
  15. Calling up Id numbers of enemies and items

    I was hoping to run a common event where, if the enemy's HP was below a certain level, you got the shard and it applied the knockout status to the enemy. But I'm not sure if that is possible. Is there a way to increase the chances of a skill hitting based on enemy HP? Alternatively, is there a...
  16. Calling up Id numbers of enemies and items

    I'm trying to create a capture system like pokemon, but I'm having a little trouble. My aim is to use a skill to run a common event. I've set it so that each enemy has a corresponding "shard item" for itself. What I want to do is get the event to look up the ID number of the monster it is used...

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