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  1. [RMMV] Event refuses to start.

    Thank you so much, I've been stressing over this for hours. Guess its back to studying tutorials for me.
  2. [RMMV] Event refuses to start.

    I have it set up in a way where you get all the triggers you're supposed too right after each event. Except for the first, you get that in the beginning of the game. What am I doing wrong? Edit: Forgot to add that the guy just turns in my direction and then away each time I try to trigger.

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Here's the title-screen for the game I'm working on: :LZSgrin:
Oh man I've been struggling with event spawners and Qmovement compatibility for quite a while- went as far as to use a tool just to pick crops :kaocry: but Ritter got their spawner to work with Qmove and I'm screeing! It's still in testing period but just- the feeling of getting over a large gameplay hurdle is a HUGE relief, I'm so thankful to Ritter! It's a cheap paid plugin but totally worth it!
Welp, I just finished my favorite part of RPG making which is creating skills, now onto the tasks I like less so the motivation is lower. At least I'll get to create new ones while designing enemies!
New to MV... Awesome forum, cheers everyone.

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