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  1. J-G

    RMMZ External links plugin for this yet?

    Is there a plugin to allow external links in game for mz?
  2. J-G

    RMMZ Dragonbones unison issue.

    So I was attempting to use the dragonbones unison plugin. I feel, I have everything correctly placed and done but I still come across and odd error. I hope i got every image needed. This shows the error, the created folder needed to hold all dragonbones files, the 3 main dragonbone files within...
  3. J-G

    web deployment help

    So how exactly do i go about deploying to a web server? I tried one site but after i uploaded it says the index.html is not found in my project which is odd because its there. Do i only zip the www folder? or the whole output folder? What are some good places to try and upload the game?
  4. J-G

    Stella message core freezes

    For some reason adding Stella message core is freezing my intro completely. Not sure why. If I transfer player elsewhere it loads fine. It's only on Intro. I should note that I have not changed anything to intro. I incorporated message core much later
  5. J-G

    How to total game over?

    Is there a way to make the entire game force a clean slate if player game overs at any point? Like erasing all saved files and everything.
  6. J-G

    How to random stats?

    So I want to make a common event that will grant a total of 100 random stats from atk, def, m.def, m.atk, luck and agility. So it will randomly give any number of stats from those 6 until it reaches an accumulated total of 100. I know I have to tie a variable to each stat but apart from that I'm...
  7. J-G

    Using multiple Items at one time?

    Is there a way to use more then one item at a time? I have an item that grants me 20 tp each use, but after i select it and use it, it kicks me out of menu into map. So it can get very annoying having to do this each time to gain tp from the item. Is there a way i can select as many as i want...
  8. J-G

    Help identifying correct Script call

    Im making an event that checks if X picture is displayed, if yes then it runs event, that works great, the issue is in the else statement. What would be the correct script to use to check if picture X has been erased or is no longer shown?
  9. J-G

    Wanabe spirit bomb

    Made this using the new software for MZ the effenskeer or however it is spelled lol. Enjoy.
  10. J-G

    Is this event done right?

    What i am trying to achieve is for the screen or mouse to be press, after the press the player would be transferred to map location. All while erasing the picture and hiding the button created using Galvs Screen buttons. The issue is that i can get the button i created to show along with image...
  11. J-G

    Energy Regen Timer

    Hi everyone, i'm working on a game that uses energy each mission, but I've come across an issue. I want the energy to regenerate by 1 every 5 minutes, until fully restored but i cannot seem to figure out how I can keep track of that time globally throughout every map without it starting the...
  12. J-G

    Umapi plugin script call help

    So I'm using umapi to make clickable events perform what I want. I cannot seem to figure out how to make them for a single tile event. I use the example to make the 2 tile high clickable event. I can also manage to make a 3 tile high, but with the 3 tile hight the clickable range starts from...
  13. J-G

    Scroll bar with images

    How can I make a working scroll bar with images? My attempt afterwards is having the images scroll along with bar that the player can freely scroll up or down on. So it gives the illusion of a working window. Unless there is a plugin I can use to create windows using some images
  14. J-G

    Script call help

    I am pretty close but i cannot seem to get the gold to actually subtract once reaches 100 or greater. Since i need gold to never go above 100 because for every 100 gold, my other variable goes up 1, then 100 gold is subtracted, leaving the remainder. Same for the 2nd variable, once that too...
  15. J-G

    MV Script Call Help

    What I am trying to do is having a picture act as a closing window for my other pictures, since I am layering multiple pictures to create a window in a way. For example I have an event that when clicked it will show a picture of my window, over that picture there will be"selectable pictures" and...
  16. J-G

    Yanfly Doodads Help

    Does anybody know if the doodads work on mobile deployment format? Don't want to build using them if they don't work.
  17. J-G

    Currency plugin

    Hello, can someone create a simple currency plugin that will display Gold, Silver, and copper? Maybe some adjustable params like icon for each, how much silver = 1 gold, how much copper = 1 silver If possible making it compatible with Yanfly plugins and Mogs scene menu plugin as well. Also...
  18. J-G

    Yep menuVariables help

    So I'm trying to create currency to display in my main menu. There will be copper, silver and gold. I managed to get them to sorta display. By sorta, I mean they show under my current gold window set by Mogs main menu scene plugin. So you can barely see them. Main issue is, I cannot seem to get...
  19. J-G

    Mog scene skills edit/help

    There seems to be a small issue with the plugin. The params within the plugin to be able to adjust the layout and character params and character name cannot move. The actual params can be changed but as soon as they are and you exit plugin, when you return they are reset to original. All other...
  20. J-G

    Mog_SceneEquip edit please

    Can someone help me edit Mogs scene equip plugin in. There are some features missing that his other scene plugins have For example the item description is not movable. So the description saying simple sword shows outside of the description box. The face icon used cannot be moved either. The...

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