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  1. ShinNessTen

    Script Call Request

    I'm using one of Yanflys old (VX, not ace) scripts that lets me buy common events. In that script, I can set a limit to how many times I can buy one common event. But it seems you cannot reset the number of times you have bought a common event, once you buy one. I want to know if there is a...
  2. ShinNessTen

    [VX]YEM new Battle Stats and YERD Custom Dmg Formula not working together

    My current Problem lies in Yanflys Engine Melody Script "New Battle Stats" and Yanflys Engine ReDuX "Custom Dmg Formulas RD". Both scripts work perfectly fine (If you can call it that.) with each other and the Game runs fine. However, since the "New Battle Stats" script adds two additional...
  3. ShinNessTen

    How to Start your Game - Simple Beginners Guide

    Alright, I'm sorry to tell you, but you got baited hardcore. This isn't about how you start off your Game, but about what you need to learn in order to make your Game, yourself and your Job/Hobby successful. This actually has nothing to do with how you approach Art, Eventing, Scripting...
  4. ShinNessTen

    Screenshake in Skill

    To put it simply, i want something like an Earthquake skill. I've tried doing the common event for a skill, but the skill get's casted and then the common event plays right after. I would like to have the screenshake in the middle of the animations and would like control over the speed, power...
  5. ShinNessTen

    Shin's Pixelcrap

    Hello, i thought of making a thread about all my Pixelart related stuff so everyone can see how bad i am at doing pixelated hair and what not... I guess the first one to show would be my boy Arma: This fella likes smoking and brutally punching everybody to death. He's experienced in...
  6. ShinNessTen

    Do you trust fans to make your games better?

    I had the thinking that fans sometimes do a better job at keeping a game(series) alive than the actual developers. Now i ask you, out of curiosity: If you ever become a popular dev. with a great Videogame (series), would you let your fans get in on some of it's development? I know some...
  7. ShinNessTen

    Soul Effect recruiting 2 Talents! (3 technically)

    I don't even remember if i did something like this before on this forum... but my topic list says nope, so... i'm gonna go ahead and try my best to give you guys a bit of insight to my game and then start talking about recruitment... ing... something. I dunno! So as some of you may know...
  8. ShinNessTen

    Tod The grim Reaper 3

    WARNING! This game contains mild blood... well there's literally blood everywhere, but no signs of gore or the other gruesome stuff... it's just blood. There's also Strong language!   TOD the grim Reaper 3! This game has been made in over 1 week! (Phew!) That means it's...
  9. ShinNessTen

    Finishing a Game... with SwapXT

    This is probably a dead horse that shouldn't be beaten to more death at this point, BUT... I am nearing my Game's release but i discovered a problem, that i should've thought about looong before i even used the Program: SwapXT. So SwapXT is basically the godsend for VX-ers (That or...
  10. ShinNessTen

    Final Fantasy V Fiesta!

    So in some of my updates i sometimes say "Streaming Final Fantasy 5 FIESTA!". I've been wondering who knows about it, and does it every year except for me. lmao I know FF5 isn't particularily a well known Final Fantasy, but gosh darnit I think it's the best one right next to 9! What a...
  11. ShinNessTen

    Tod The grim Reaper 1+2

    Tod is an ATB based RPG with a slightly different approach to strategy. The story revolves around a chicken that an unknown entity called the Unholy Cat has made into a grim reaper. You play as that chicken which the Cat has fittingly titled "Tod" and your objective is to find out what the Cats...
  12. ShinNessTen

    "I gonna do, what i should've done years ago!"

    No that's not a typo... that's my fav. line of all time...  Hi! My name's Shin! That's not my real name though... You may know me... you may know me not... but i'm here. I'm making a game were one of the main characters is called "Shin"... I know what you're thinking... but that has a reason...

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