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  1. Aelfyr

    Alpha ABS 1.2. (Pre Release)

    About the ennemies fighting each other it will be soooo usefull I know you are working hard and all, but do you have any ideas of when it will be possibles ? I mean, i will entierly change my battle system if this is possible ! And for the best ^^
  2. Aelfyr

    Anyone help with getting 6-character party to show in menu all at once? (not 4) Is your solution, somebody requested the same thing a while earlier:
  3. Aelfyr

    Anyone help with getting 6-character party to show in menu all at once? (not 4)

    RPG Maker got his own limitation sometimes, at last you can have everybody, you can still make a little tutorial to explain to the player where to find the two other member ^^
  4. Aelfyr

    Anyone help with getting 6-character party to show in menu all at once? (not 4) Judging from the video it's exactly what you're looking for. Unfortunately i'm not sure everybody will be displayed on map screen
  5. Aelfyr

    YEP_ClassChangeCore: Unintentional Class Change

    It may be cause they already got this classe, try to downlevel them did you put another prerequired classes ? it also could solve the thing The other solution, a little tiring but, would be to give the main actor at level 50 a comp called "Job change Great Lord", and when he use it, it call a...
  6. Aelfyr

    MOG Chrono Fight Engine ABS

    Sure, Here's the thing : As you can see, the first skill is Fire, not made for ABS, the one is FireBall made for ABS
  7. Aelfyr

    MOG Chrono Fight Engine ABS

    Did you supress the skill "fire" or "Fireball" ? Fire if for the chrono engine not the ABS. it can be a little tricky Be sure to supress the right skill, i've made a test with two npc, one was adding thunder, the other was taking it and it worked.
  8. Aelfyr

    YEP_ClassChangeCore: Unintentional Class Change

    It may be a feature, the easiest way would be to set up a little automatic event at the beginning by example using plugin call : If great lord is class 7, and you main hero lord is actor 1, just put something like this: RemoveClass 2 7 RemoveClass 3 7 RemoveClass 4 7 RemoveClass 5 7 it will...
  9. Aelfyr

    Alpha ABS system

    There is a couple of solution but one of the easiest is to make a copy of your map, set up a night event (Like making screen go bluer and darker) To set up the situation imagine you begin at day, when it's "night" time, you make a parralel event working that will transfer the player on the...
  10. Aelfyr

    Alpha ABS

    The efficient way : Put inside the dead stance of your ennemies: "+1 to a variable" (Like Chest Opening condition) "delete this event" Put that dead stance on parralel and the moment the ennemies is killed the var will increase by 1. If you want that mob to be able to respawn again if you leave...
  11. Aelfyr

    Alpha ABS 1.2. (Pre Release)

    And sorry for that but, is there a way to desactivate flash and screen shaking ? It's freaking annoying, particulary with multiple ennemy attacking you ^^ I tried to remove it myself by suppressing "shake" thing directlty in the plugin but i'm not sure it's really about this I wonder if it's...
  12. Aelfyr

    Alpha ABS 1.2. (Pre Release)

    Hello ! Your work is very interesting and impresive, i was myself trying to create an ABS system, and as i don't know how to script anything i managed to do something. I would like to use your plugin in my game but, there is a little thing that your system cannot do, i will explain : In my...
  13. Aelfyr

    Sythian Bard's World Map Tiles

    Very nice collection, i think i'm gonna use the whole lot ! It's very hard to find good world map tiles, i hope you will do more. Of course i will try go give you a free copy when it will be out ^^

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