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  1. Ciel

    Splash Screen looks stupid

    I like it. But I'm not sure why this is an issue?
  2. Ciel

    My RPG Character Maker

    I think it's great that you're sharing this to the community despite the other alternatives. It would be pretty to have a selective palette changer to further modify the parts like what Sharm says. Keep rocking! I can't wait to see what game you're trying to make.
  3. Ciel


    On the subject of ruby gems and plugin manager, the screenshot shows a single window to display the plugin's parameters. It doesn't make sense for them to show that if we were allowed to integrate plugins that modifies the default editor.
  4. Ciel

    Animated RTP Monster Characters

    Wow, you did a good job animating these. A lot of RMXP users that love making action battle systems would love these :D
  5. Ciel

    Free Tilesets from Hyptosis

    Good job! It reminds me of mobile game graphics too.

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