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  1. Knighteriius

    Diagonal Interior Roofs When Parallax Mapping

    Hey guys, (hopefully this is the right place, I said how do my head and wound up here from the description) I've been really getting into parallax mapping lately, I am finding it a lot of fun. Although I notice a lot of pro mappers start getting really dynamic in their ability to produce...
  2. Knighteriius

    Rtp Portrait Evil

    After falling in love with Archiea's division heaven I have now started using her Portraits which are amazing :D . Sadly there is one she doesn't have so I'd really like for someone to go to the effort of making actor evil 6 and 8 into portrait form.   Thanks
  3. Knighteriius

    Animating Actor 4-3

    Hello guys and girls! So I am in desperate need of actor 4-3 to have the back of his hair look as though it's blowing in the wind. This is the reason why: Farron is standing up on a cliff looking down at the kingdom of Amastanth saying his final I thought it'd look cool and...
  4. Knighteriius

    Kaduki Battlers RTP

    Hello every Apple! So I was wondering if anyone knows where I could find kaduki battlers for actor's 5. So essentially the whole set :) I have had a hard time finding many which I found surprising. Right now I have found the Vx rtp in battler format but now I am search for these 8  :) I...
  5. Knighteriius

    What sound does your Pc make?

    Heya everyone!  So! We all have computers out there of course so! What sound does your computer make? Or what sounds has your computer made? Orrrrr what sound has your old computers in the past made? in terms of (it shouldn't be making that sound)  I'll start us off The fan to my old computer...
  6. Knighteriius

    Twin Souls've finally cared to join us...                                                                                                   I welcome you to...                                                                                                     brought to you by:              ...
  7. Knighteriius

    If you could be anything you wanted for the day what would it be?

    Howdy doody! :D So! Just as the name asks! What would you be if you could be anything for a day? I think I'd be a......rabbit in a suit with a top hat and a fob watch cause that rabbit sounds stylish (Alice in Wonderland doe o.o) hehe gotta love that rabbit-tastic lifestyle. 
  8. Knighteriius

    Little Boy Sprite

    Hello every apple :) I dislike having to make requests for one good reason: I can't pay :( Like it'd be so much better if I could commission but alas I cannot for my money is more scarce than something scarce xD.  I am in need of a spriter willing to make me this little boy sprite in...
  9. Knighteriius

    A Song of Apples and Juice

    Hello, hello and another Hello again...and again...and again!!! And another one for good measure!! Wooohooo! Heya everybody!! I'm your knighty pal Knighty!...uh...*cough* yeah! Anyway! 15 eating...streams I like beams and you seem keen and I am  mean!!...I lied! I'm not mean! :P Sooooo...

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