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    SERVICE IGMC Recruitment

    About me, I’ve been a member of this community for just about 4 years now, though I’ve mostly kept to the sidelines. A few people may know me from commissions, but over the last year, I’ve begin working on a project in Gamemaker. I’m a hard worker and currently could give at least 9-10 hours a...
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  3. Guardcraft Games

    Cintronic's Resources Update 1.4.7 (6 Animations / 8 Windowskins)

            Terms: (Animations are free for Non-Commercial use in MV or VXACE, with credit --- Contact me via PM for information about Commercial use) (Windowskins Labled *All* are free for Non-Commercial or Commercial use in MV, with credit) (Windowskins Labled *NC* are...
  4. Guardcraft Games

    [IGMC 2015] Ever

    This is the first game I’ve created, add in the contest time frame, and that is quite the undertaking. Yet I prevailed and I am quite proud to say I made it through the fog, to the finish line, will I cross into the winners circle? Only time has that answer, and the judges I guess… So here it...
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    New to Forums, just wanted to say HI!

    Just thought I’d drop in and formally introduce myself, my name is Joshua Cintron (Cintronics). While I’m new to the forums I've been playing with rpg maker vx ace since late 2013/early 2014. While I never really attempted to finish anything, and looked at it more as a hobby, since I love to...

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