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  1. The A.C Gamez

    RMMV Movie Theater Murder Chapter 1

    :kaolivid:WARNING Game Has Provocative references or depictions of provocative behavior./Kissing/Makingout Game Description What Type Of Game Is This? This is a Romantic Murder Mystery Game About A 17 Year Old Boy Named Harold And His Friends Felica,Logan,Hannah, And Jake You Learn About His...
  2. The A.C Gamez

    Actors Friendship System

    What Is The x AND y Exactly
  3. The A.C Gamez


    When I Made One Of My Custom Tilesets Have Collision The Carpet i placed Wont let me move
  4. The A.C Gamez

    Artifact Menu

    Lets Say your making a mystery game and you want a menu of all of the artifacts the player found so there will be a command like add Blah To Artifact Menu And In The Menu before you do anything you have to add the artifact names and pictures That you want but the player has to unlock them to...
  5. The A.C Gamez

    Random Choice Plugin

    im trying to do this on my story Based Game and it Shows Different Character Sides So Like If Somone Asked Something The Other Person Would Response In A Random Choice
  6. The A.C Gamez

    Games You Love That Everyone Else Hates

    Sly Cooper i've played that game since i was 7
  7. The A.C Gamez

    Does Anyone have the book of people plugin the link is down

    i've wanted this plugin for a while but the link is down
  8. The A.C Gamez

    Chapter Book Plugin

    A Plugin that is like a level system and the levels are in the book pages and when you click one of the levels it transports the player to a map that you made
  9. The A.C Gamez

    I Need A Kiss Portrait For these two characters

    the background to be like mabye be like a park
  10. The A.C Gamez

    Hi im The A.C Gamez The Youtuber

    Hi im The A.C Gamez The Youtuber
  11. The A.C Gamez

    Kiss plugin

    In The game i have been working on theres a kiss cutscene it would be cool for a plugin that you choose two images of the characters then it will make them kiss
  12. The A.C Gamez

    Fine Tuning For Rpg Maker MV
  13. The A.C Gamez

    Fine Tuning For Rpg Maker MV

    I Found a fine tuning but not for rpg maker mv so is there a way someone could make one

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