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  1. Tsukitsune

    Orange Overlay v1.1.4 + Animated Parallax Add-On (Updated 7Jul17)

    Orange Overlay + Animated Parallax Add-on Orange Overlay 1.1.4 - Plugin DL - (Updated 7July17) With permission from Hudell and thanks to Chaucer for the plugin fix, here's an updated version of Orange Overlay. This version fixes the broken plugin commands people were experiencing when trying...
  2. Tsukitsune

    Help Design an Action Combat System

    Hey guys, so I'm currently designing a new combat system for Spectrum Seeker and was wondering if you could help me out with it.  I plan on putting up the request to have the system coded but I need to figure out everything that I want for it first. A few things about my game that's important...
  3. Tsukitsune

    Parallax Commissions - How Much Would You Pay?

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of opening up a shop in classifieds for parallax mapping to help fund my own project.  I had a few questions before I set one up. For each different size range, how much would you be willing to pay for the examples you see below (please indicate by size)?  Do you prefer...
  4. Tsukitsune

    Orange Ruin Tiles

    Trying to find a certain set of ruin tiles, I think they were made with ACE RTP but I'm not 100% certain.  I can't seem to locate it anywhere but I know I've seen it before.  The set has a large emphasis on orange, such as orange rocks for floor decor. It might of been an edit using the below...
  5. Tsukitsune

    Combat System - Multi Stage Enemies, Database editing, & possible scripts needed?

    So I'm trying to make a combat system that revolves around multi stage enemies and skill attributes. I've messed around in the maker for hours, looking at variables, troops, skills, enemies, and common events.  But I'm at a loss as how to implement all of my ideas.  I'm not even sure if some...
  6. Tsukitsune

    How do I increase TP by a certain % ?

    How do I make TP increase by a certain % when I use a skill that happens to be the weakness of the enemy? Example, if I use a holy spell against a dark type enemy, I want TP to increase by 25%.
  7. Tsukitsune

    Parallax Mapping Livestream Interest

    Hey guys, So I've been photoshopping for about 7 years I and found a way to use the knowledge I've learned over the years towards map making in RPG Maker.  So yeah, I parallax map, and I do something not alot do, and that is mix battlebacks into my maps.  I got inspired by Galv's Pirate rush...
  8. Tsukitsune

    How much to pay for custom resources?

    How much should one expect to pay for custom (from scratch); Character Sprites, full walking animation (side, front, and back).  Roughly Mack size, so somewhere within 32x45. Monster battlers, front view, idle animation aswell as an attack animation.  Size varying. Tiles - More specifically...
  9. Tsukitsune

    Walking behind buildings & consistency

    (I could have sworn I saw a thread for a topic like this last year but I can't find it) Anyway, currently I'm not sure if I want to allow players to be able to walk behind buildings or not.  I'm using XP and Mack style buildings, so the buildings themselves can be quite tall. Right now you can...
  10. Tsukitsune

    Tsukitsune's Mack Roof Edits

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻Tsukitsune's Mack Roof Edits┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ) Hey guys, I wanted to have more roof variety in my game and after seeing Candacis' Mack Roof edits in the October restaff release, I decided to make my own edits too! If you don't know how to use them, you can visit Candacis' sweet...
  11. Tsukitsune

    Spectrum Seeker: A Quest for Color

    The land of Prisma was once beautiful, filled with color and peace. Until they came: The Faded. Ferocious beasts who could draw the color from the world itself. After over a century of war, the Faded forced humanity into the outer reaches of their own world. But now several adventurous...
  12. Tsukitsune

    Parallax - Animated Water Suggestions

    I'm currently making my game by parallaxing, and well my method I currently have doesn't work the greatest as it was more of a placeholder. So I was trying to find different methods of animating water.  I looked at AK47lol's tutorial and might give that a go, however he never explained how he...
  13. Tsukitsune

    Game Sales Thread

    Anytime I see a nice game sale going on, I'll post it here in this topic so everyone can get some sweet deals. If you see a good sale going on feel free to post. _____________________________________________ September 17, 2013 _____________________________________________ 3 sales going on...

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