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  1. futrchamp

    Bug with Soundcloud Embed feature (Simple Fix?)

    Hello! Just wanted to let the staff know of a small bug in the forum's Soundcloud embedding: Dunno if this is something easy to fix in Xenforo, but private Soundcloud links are glitchy in the forums, even with a secret key attached. They'll be unable to play and show a greyed out button...
  2. futrchamp

    SERVICE Futrchamp's Music Composition

    Hi there! I'm futrchamp (or Ryan), and I write music for games/film/classical stuff. I'm looking for some more projects to get involved in contributing my compositional skills. I specialize in cinematic, modern styles of music, and I generally use realistic sounds (although I can do electronic...
  3. futrchamp

    [OPEN] Futrchamp's Music Laboratory

    Hi there! Welcome to my music laboratory. I'm looking for opportunity to write for other people's projects and build up my portfolio. My samples include many genres/styles of music, and anything you request is fair game as far as I'm concerned. Here are some examples of my tracks: "Silent...
  4. futrchamp

    Default Variables

    Default Variables v1.0 by futrchamp   This script simply allows you to set certain variables to have a value that is set when the game starts. Instructions: Paste into the script editor below materials and above main. Change the numbers in the Variables= line to whichever variables you want...

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