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  1. Bloodmorphed

    Using Note Tags (Stumped)

    Okay, so I know how to do everything for this plugin I'm working one, EXCEPT for the notetags. For example I'd like: <this> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 </this> Then an if statement: If (variable = x && notetag = 'this') Won't look exactly like this, but should be understandable of what I'm...
  2. Bloodmorphed

    Bloodmorphed's Difficulty Plugin

    Hello everyone! In the past I created a difficulty script, with some help, in VXAce. Not only is this plugin a-LOT flexible, it is not hindered by a variable. You can have as many difficulties as you want, without editing the code! Here is the plugin: *If you need a different download than...
  3. Bloodmorphed

    Get a number in Commands

    Okay so I have this code here: var _Game_Interpreter_pluginCommand = Game_Interpreter.prototype.pluginCommand; Game_Interpreter.prototype.pluginCommand = function(command, args) {, command, args); if (command === 'Setting'){...
  4. Bloodmorphed

    Multiplying arrays, passing them through function args

    So, I've ran into a nother problem. I've been playing with this loop for awhile now, and I cant get it produce anything more than 9 0's. (Which is weird cause it doesn't mess with battlers.) switch (diffSetting) { case 0: var total = 0; for (var i = 0; i <...
  5. Bloodmorphed

    Strings and Switches

    So, I've been trying for hours to get this to work, and I seem to not be getting anywhere. I've had people that are decent in JS tell me that this should work, but it doesn't. So this is an example code of what I'm trying to do: var sampleVar = toNumber(parameters['Sample'], 0)...
  6. Bloodmorphed

    Issue with multiplying Gold

    I have a plugin I'm working on, and I've hit a dead-end. So I want to increase gold based on "difficulty". While I know I have everything else right, I'm kind of stumped on actually having it multiply to the enemies base gold amount. = function() { switch...
  7. Bloodmorphed

    Dungeons and Dragons-esk Systems

    I've been thinking for a day or two about how I can incorporate systems into an RPG Maker setting. While there is some things that just are impossible to utilize there are some things that make D&D what it is and put them into a RPG Maker Setting. Story/Characters: - This is tricky because the...
  8. Bloodmorphed

    Who is your favorite "Super Hero"/"Hero"

    I'm not sure this has been talked about before, but I'm sure it has a very long time ago. Mine is probably "The Arrow" his story by far is my favorite, he is similar to Bat-Man I suppose, but I think The Arrow is a bit better xD
  9. Bloodmorphed

    Walmart + iBuyPower Question.

    As it really doesn't matter, we have already order three computers with 900+ Dollars put in it. But I am still curious. We did a "Build your own iBuyPower Gaming Computer" from walmart. However there is an unclear issue about this, while only a little one it's still kinda bothering me at this...
  10. Bloodmorphed

    Youtube Art tutorials/how-tos

    Me and my brother found this guy, and he is good, and can explain things very well. I recommend watching him, even if you are a decent artist. He does REalistic/Anime/Manga drawings. His how-to videos are supurb! Sorry mods if this is...
  11. Bloodmorphed

    My computers hardware, is it as powerful I think it is?

    I feel my computer should handle games a lot better then it has been. For example on low settings for WoW I get pretty low FPS 30-40 in a building and looking away from the outside, then it drops to 15-20 when I'm out questing. I feel like this computer should at least run WoW on normal...
  12. Bloodmorphed

    An Hour of Code Event by Microsoft? I'm quite curious, who has has seen this, and what do you think of it. I briefly looked through the thing they supplied on that website and it looks a bit weird to me all the drag and drop...
  13. Bloodmorphed

    Power Scaling v2.0 UPDATED (Possibly Final)

    This script is pretty basic. This will allow you scale your actors power based on the amount of experience the actor has. Right now this is a global thing so every class/actor will scale the same way. I do however plan to eventually do this for separate classes rather then just a global thing...
  14. Bloodmorphed

    Getting weird undefined method's in this script

    ##Power Level Scaling Script#v1.0###module BloodPLSS   Scale_Settings = {   :pleveltxt => "Power Level", #Shows this instead of "Level"   #Please keep this above 5, for easier use. However if you decide to make it  #lower then 5 you will have to do a lot of testing. Also never use "1" it  #will...
  15. Bloodmorphed

    RPG Maker Minecraft Community Servers?

    I'm curious how many people would be interested in this. I think this was done before, but in a very very very small server and only standard Minecraft. What my plan is (if enough people are interested in this) is having a few community servers whitelisted for only RPG Community members. 1...
  16. Bloodmorphed

    [Ace] Achievement Script Help

    I think the script is pretty self explanatory, I'm having errors out the butt and I have no idea why. module BoodAachievepointvar = 100    module Achievement       Achievements = {           1 => {        :trigger => 100,        :item => [1, 1],        :weapon => [1, 1],        :gold =>...
  17. Bloodmorphed

    Removing/Adding a Skill type by weapon?

    I spent nearly thirty minutes looking through all the events, and I can;t seem to find anything like this. I only have one class that can do this but I can't seem to find it. If the class is wearing a Dagger/Shield the skill type "Melee" should be added, and "Ranged" should be removed, and vise...
  18. Bloodmorphed

    A three-part fishing event system.

    Now the reason this is in this part of the forums is because I do not know where else to put it, really. I am working on a Three-Part Fishing Event system. Now what I mean by this is there are three variants of the fishing events I'm writing. I have already written the "Basic" one. Now before...
  19. Bloodmorphed

    So why am I going to art school?

    I have been asked by a lot of people, Why exactly do you want to go to art school? I am having a hard time answering this, Not because it isn't my passion, or lack of interest. I would be taking the Game Design program stuff. What does this teach me? Drawing 3D Modeling 3D Animation...
  20. Bloodmorphed

    Making comments on Status updates, throws me into my profile?

    It doesn't do this all the time, I can't usually do it twice in a row. I can't seem to recreate the issue either so I don't know the conditions. But it does seem to only do it when I recently view my profile, or someone else's. I am assuming this is definitely not intentional.

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