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  1. Mewgles

    Question about MV engine limitations

    You also have to keep in mind that you could probably recycle quite a few switches with proper planning. There really is nothing to worry about. Even without any planning at all it's highly unlikely you'll get even close to running out of switches.
  2. Mewgles

    RMMZ ConfigManager issues

    Aliasing works, thank you. Should have been able to guess that myself x) But I guess I got too tangled up figuring out why it did that rather than trying to find a simple workaround.
  3. Mewgles

    RMMZ ConfigManager issues

    I'm currently working on some sort of menu engine for MZ including extended player settings/options. Things are going decent so far, but I've run into an issue that when I'm adding more than like 2 or 3 extra values to ConfigManager to be saved in the player configs things go a bit out of hand...
  4. Mewgles

    What are some of your favorite puzzles in any games you've played?

    The puzzles in the newer Tomb Raider games were quite fun since they mixed different elements together. It wasn't just thinking and figuring out mechanics but also often had sort of a time limit to them, though they never felt like they had been made artificially harder. In general anything...
  5. Mewgles

    How do you add your own sprite animations?

    For an idle animation you would probably have to set up a parallel processed common event working on a timer that resets on every input. Wouldn't recommend that though since it will most likely cause lag at some point. For that you should try to find a plugin instead (I think there is one on...
  6. Mewgles

    How do you add your own sprite animations?

    You can exchange the character images with events (page 3 "Change Actor Images"). Might require a bit of experimenting, but you should be able to achieve all of what you want. There might also be plugins for this, but I'd say it's doable without as long as it's nothing too crazy you want to do.
  7. Mewgles

    RMMV Customizable Deuteragonists?

    It's probably easier for the player and also for you to balance if you give the other two characters preset stats and skills. Otherwise you might risk running the player into situations he cannot solve depending on how your game works.
  8. Mewgles

    RMMZ Menu Engine/something

    I've recently started to port my VXA Menu Editor to MZ and things quickly got out of hand since I haven't touched the original in years and I've got quite a few ideas on how to enhance it. Though I'm not too sure on how useful these features are which is why I'm posting here. The following...
  9. Mewgles

    Custom MapName

    I changed some settings on my website (which provides the downloads) to hopefully prevent browsers from caching those links in the future.
  10. Mewgles

    Custom MapName

    Sometimes they don't seem to register properly for me. But since you can easily simulate them with a normal select it doesn't really matter I guess.
  11. Mewgles

    Custom MapName

    Thanks for the suggestion! Updated those, though I went for a normal select for the latter since the boolean selectors feel quite buggy.
  12. Mewgles

    Custom MapName

    That was indeed a bug. I fixed it and updated the files. Thanks a lot for notifying me!
  13. Mewgles

    Screen coordinate layout questions

    1) X is horizontal, Y vertical. X = 0 is left side. Y = 0 is the top. 2) The coords (0, 0) would be top left corner. 3) The size does not change. It stays at the resolution you've set it. Unless you give the player the option to manually change the resolution. 4) They are relative to the...
  14. Mewgles

    [SOLVED] Two (or more) Encounter Tables per map?

    You could post a plugin request for this. Since it's a pretty interesting idea it shouldn't be too hard to find someone to do this. I'd do it myself, but I'm currently stuck with too many projects already :<
  15. Mewgles

    [SOLVED] Two (or more) Encounter Tables per map?

    The easiest way would be making two different maps witch their respective enemy lists like you've said. The only other way possible would require a plugin which is capable of switching enemy groups on the fly as far as I'm aware.
  16. Mewgles

    That's why I'm not making games anymore (well maybe even more so does the fact that I suck at...

    That's why I'm not making games anymore (well maybe even more so does the fact that I suck at creating graphics which makes creating games feel like a total timewaste if they don't look the way you want :< )
  17. Mewgles

    Some projects just get a lot bigger than you thought they would. The "Simple menu editor" for MZ...

    Some projects just get a lot bigger than you thought they would. The "Simple menu editor" for MZ I'm working on is turning out to become more like a full blown menu engine x)
  18. Mewgles

    RMMZ Steam Version. Won't open.

    You can, as long as it's not within the main program directory. Anyways the external worked too for the test. So since that didn't fix it (my guess was a registry issue there) it might actually be a windows related issue. If you didn't install any updates right before that happened then it's...
  19. Mewgles

    RMMZ Steam Version. Won't open.

    You can set different installation paths to Steam. See this article. It's possible to keep your main path and set another one to install games to. I'm doing that too.
  20. Mewgles

    RMMZ Steam Version. Won't open.

    That's most likely steam compression. Was about the same for me. One last thing I can think off is trying to install into a different directory/hdd in case you've always taken the same one so far.

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