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  1. EgorFlame87

    Enemy transform crash

    I don't know what does wrong... Please, help.
  2. EgorFlame87

    Equipment optimization is broken.

    I use weapon swap system by Olivia and this breaks the equipment optimization - instead of optimization, a complete removal occurs. Although the project, which is attached to its large plugin such a "flaw" is not observed. Please help resolve the issue.
  3. EgorFlame87

    Basic attack (& co) action sequence redux...

    All those Action Sequences that I find for ordinary (as well as double, dual, triple) have a flaw that I cannot understand because of the lack of knowledge of the device of the Action Sequence system (all documentation is lost, the Microsoft server erased it from One Note). I would be glad to...
  4. EgorFlame87

    How to make an attack "Rage", as in Pokemon, using Yanfly plugins?

    This attack applies damage, and the next time it is used, it deals 1.5 times more damage.
  5. EgorFlame87

    Select all dead enemies.

    I am very interested in the question - is it possible to make a skill so that it only works for dead enemies? This would be useful for Necromancers.
  6. EgorFlame87

    Yanfly's selection control strange error

    All problem consists that inclusion of this plug-in guarantees a strange glitch with a choice for imposing of a buff (for example). A completely random character jumps out, not the first one in a game, which is why the cursor, when choosing another character, can jump on absolutely any character...
  7. EgorFlame87

    Plugin to hide the possession column.

    I would like to know how to remove the line "possession" in the store. It can be erased in terms, but the digit value is still visible. Maybe someone knows the solution, a plugin that can hide it?
  8. EgorFlame87

    Fatal error when heal on the map.

    I use a lot of plugins for my game, but I try to get them all to create something new. This morning I already fixed one bug, he forced my project to fly out when receiving damage or healing characters. It consisted in the fact that I misplaced my plugins. Now I can't cast a cure on my characters...
  9. EgorFlame87

    A plugin that allows characters to summon monsters as in Final Fantasy 4.

    Need a plugin that will only cause a monster sprite, and the attack would go through the skill itself. Straight to in Final Fantasy 4, yes. The monster is called, animation is shown, damage is done, the monster leaves.
  10. EgorFlame87

    Yanfly's subclass system, but with level requirement.

    I can not normally recreate the combat system, because I rested against the limitations of the plug-in that adds Subclasses. The level restriction function is extremely necessary in order for the desired subclass to open, say, from level 30. Unfortunately, there is no such function and it is...
  11. EgorFlame87

    Puzzle skills to learn

    There are in RPG Maker MV Count - Skills to learn. It is located in the character class settings and has a total of 15 points. Yes, I know that they can be added arbitrarily in the settings of a particular character, but he will know them all at once, but I do not like this situation...
  12. EgorFlame87

    Bokou's parts in .rxge format 2

    This is already the second post, because the first one was blocked, like a copy of the previous one, but 24 has already passed and I get the legal right to re-issue that thread without bans and other bad things. I still need these parts by Bokou...
  13. EgorFlame87

    Bokou's parts in .rxge format please.

    Okay. Bokou's generator parts are very cool. But ironically, they are imported from me with an error, with no results. I dont know the solutions, and I am still too inexperienced in these matters, and then I ask for the help of the community. All i need is Bokou's generator parts (This...
  14. EgorFlame87

    Bokou parts in rxge please...

    I know i might get you bored but only you can help me... I cant import his parts and really need help with them
  15. EgorFlame87

    Hello. I'm new to here and I need your help.

    Bokou's parts are refusing to import in RPG Maker MV Extended Generator. I'm compiled it to this and tried to import . An instant passed — a message appeared about a successful operation, but no new parts appeared. Help me please!

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