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  1. Lunarcomplex

    How do you reference an actor's TP value?

    There doesn't seem to be a way to set a variable to an actor's TP value. I would like to force an action for an actor based on when the actor's TP is 100 during a battle. $ == 100; didn't seem to work in the conditional branch's script condition.
  2. Lunarcomplex

    Script for End Current Turn in Battle?

    I would like to create an auto battle system, similar to inflation RPG. You encounter an enemy and you attack first, then they attack, and it repeats, you don't really have any other options. In order to do this without plugins I'm trying to force the player to attack which can be done with an...
  3. Lunarcomplex

    Dante no Kodomo [demo]

    Dante no Kodomo (Dante's Children) Dante no Kodomo is a small demo for a game I am currently developing. In this game you play as either the son (Enryx) or daughter (Cerylia) of Dante, each side basically plays the same way but with little changes to the dialogue. The biggest...
  4. Lunarcomplex

    How/can I set a player's stat from a variable?

    Instead of having Attack, HP, Agility, etc go up by a players level, I was wondering how (if it's possible) I would be able to manually change the players stats with a script call. For example, I would like to have the player increase their stats by collecting items. Once a player collected the...
  5. Lunarcomplex

    [Request] Continuous Map (No Transitions)

    Load in the surrounding 8 maps that (by some id number system) allow the player to walk from map to map without knowing they've done so, then unloading any maps that are not touching the map the player is currently located in, while also loading in the new maps touching the map the player is...

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