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  1. Iliketea

    How to make state cost TP to maintain state

    Hello everyone! I need help with making a special state. The state "Fire Aura" is supposed to work this way: The user uses the skill that gives the user the state "Fire Aura". Fire Aura gives the user a bunch of fire themed skills and the fire element. Each turn the user has to pay 15 TP to...
  2. Iliketea

    Running common event when state runs out

    Hi there, I am trying to have a common event run once a certain state is either removed or runs out. I am using Yanflys Buff and State core for the custom remove/leave effect notetag but the way I set it up doesnt work. Since I dont know javacript I have no clue what is wrong. <Custom Remove...
  3. Iliketea

    Information Book Plugin

    Hi everyone! I am currently searching for a Information Book Plugin for RPG Maker MV but I didn't find one that fits my needs 100%. Want I need is a plugin that does something like this: ●Gives the ability to add informations you get while playing and review it later -> E.G. Player...
  4. Iliketea

    Help with Aura Magic

    Hi Everyone,  I need some help with a certain type of magic skills I want to make. First, let me explain what I want to do: The player can unlock certain magic skills that allow him to use elemental auras that, when summoned, give the player skills,buffs and states depending on the...
  5. Iliketea

    Question about the "Futuristic heroes " DLC

    Hi I hope I am posting this in the correct forum. I purchased the futuristic heroes DLC for Ace two years ago or so for VX Ace. Now that I have MV and the DLC got an "update" for MV I would like to use that one instead of the one I have because the character sizes, the formats, etc. Now...
  6. Iliketea

    What does your country look like?

    Hi Everyone! Since there are so many different countries on this forum why not share some pictures of your home country with everyone? I will start with some pics I took today when I went out to a Goose Festival ( Germans make a festival out of everything... but it was fun!) Warning...
  7. Iliketea

    Play Test Crashes after 1.3.3 Update

    Hi everyone, after updating to 1.3.3 my game crashes when I try to play test it :( This is the error massage and the log: Yes, I did try turning ALL my plugins off and the problem still is there. To duplicate the error just open up the game file and try to play test it...
  8. Iliketea

    Play Test Crashes?

    Greetings everyone!   I hope you can help me with this problem I am having... I just started working on my game again after some time and when I play test it it crashes after a minute or two and closes together with the error log before I can even see whats wrong. I tried it a few time...
  9. Iliketea

    Question Regarding the RPG Maker MV Seasons Pack

    Hi everyone, I have a question regarding the Seasons Pass for the RPG Maker MV. I bought the seasons pass during the summer sale because I wanted that cool steam punk Train pack that comes out today or tomorrow. And as far as I understood it I now get the next three resource packs yes...
  10. Iliketea

    Problem with Yanflys attachable Arguments

    Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me. I am trying to use Yanflys attachable Augments ( together with the Equip Customize Command plugin). However, it doesnt seem to work.  I get the customize command in the equip Scene but there are no visible slots just like if I dont use the...
  11. Iliketea

    Yanflys Battle AI Plugin help

    Hi everyone I hope you can help me with this problem I am having: I want to use Yanflys battle AI plugin, but I cant get it to work. All plugins are up to date and in the right order. This is how I set the enemy up:   <Default Row: 2> <AI Level: 80> <AI Priority> HP%...
  12. Iliketea

    How to make fog images?

    Hi everyone! Does anyone know how to make fog images like these: So images that can repeat themselfs? I really have no clue how to make them and the only "Tutorial" I found is ... not helpful. I kinda managed to make a maybe usable fog but I think its too big and looks strange. I...
  13. Iliketea

    I cant save D:

    Hi everyone,  I just encountered a horrible bug D: (?!) I cant save anymore!  It just makes the buzzer sound when I try to save while play testing.  This is the error log: I cant save on an empty map, but when I make a new project ( in the same folder this pc - documents-games...
  14. Iliketea

    Problem with Yanflys Weapon Unleash

    Hello everyone, I hope you can help me with a small problem. When I try to fight a battle and try to attack, guard or do a special attack I get this error: And this is the error log: I tried to copy and paste everything into a new project but everything works just fine then...
  15. Iliketea

    Other ways to encrypt a file than enigma box?

    Hi guys,  I am having a problem with the enigma visual box. After I encrypt my deployed file with it the encrypted game crashes randomly. Before encryption it works without problem! And I made sure to follow the instructions in the RPG Maker MV help file point for point and it worked...
  16. Iliketea

    How to make chatter?

    Hi everyone! I hope you can help me with this: In some games you sometimes get the opportunity to "listen" to the actors chatting with each other. You get a small notification at the bottom of the screen saying something like "New Chatter" or something and a picture of the button you...
  17. Iliketea

    Slower Sparkel

    Hi everyone,  I need a sparkling character like this one: But just slower and less eye-catching. I want to use this event to indicate "Hey, you can do something here".  Maybe the sparkles could be smaller and less opaque  This is the form:   Resource Type...
  18. Iliketea

    Can you use quotes you find on the internet?

    Hi everyone. In my games I like to give 90% or so of the book shelves a quote, joke, short poems or random trivia. But since this time I aim to go commercial I wonder if I am allowed to use quotes or poems you find on the internet in commercial games? I mean, sure I would say who said...
  19. Iliketea

    Combining BGS

    Hi everyone, I hope I post this in the right section. Is there a way to combine bgs?  Like for example the general bgs of a map is "wind" but there also is a river so you want to use "river" too.  But because RPG maker Mv only can play one bgs at a time I thought there may be a...
  20. Iliketea

    Iliketea's Marvelous Tiles [updated: 14.03.2017, Closet Edits

    Hi everyone! Today I just want to share some edits and some original work with you. These are RTP Edits and are free for non-commercial and commercial games. Please credit me. These are things I did on my own. They are free to use for non-commercial games but you need to credit me. If you...

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