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  1. Edgre

    Tile not working as expected.

    Running MV. Still just working on some maps. I'm using everything at the moment out of the box. No modifications to anything yet. I don't quite understand this particular bit of terrain. From every other side, I can't walk onto it. But from the bottom, I can. I had set it up as my...
  2. Edgre

    Sample Maps...

    I've been poking around at this, and I can't figure it out. Is it possible to add more maps to the Sample Maps list in MV? Can I customize this at all?
  3. Edgre

    Map sizes, best practices? (MV in specific)

    Ok, looking through the manual, it appears that the play screen has a resolution of 816x624 or 17x13 tiles. Is there a general best practice for how big to make maps? When I started doing some sketches for designing maps on my lunch hour, I just naturally used the size of my graph paper...
  4. Edgre

    Am I missing something?

    Ok, just playing around with Maps at the moment. I know I'm used to some rather different mapping software. However, there's some functionality that I would consider basic that this doesn't appear to have. I guess I just want a sanity check here to see if I'm not seeing how to do something or...
  5. Edgre

    Hello World!

    Hello, Newbie with the system here. I picked up RPGMaker MV on a whim, because it was on sale on Steam, and seemed like it would be kind of fun. I've played a number of different games of this style over the years, and when I saw I could export them to different platforms, I thought it might...

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