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  1. Tea's Jams

    How to install Tiled and use it in RPG Maker MZ

    How to install Tiled and use it in RPG Maker MZ Tiled is an incredible map editor made by BJorn In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Tiled on your computer and use it with RPG Maker MZ This is only possible because of a free plugin that @Archeia, Dairnon, and Yami wrote for all of...
  2. Tea's Jams

    Make the RTP caves and carpets match things and fit stuff on tables!!!

    I made carpets that match the Carpeted stairs in MZ. Must own RPG Maker MZ to use, credit Kadokawa. Free for commercial and personal use. Version 2 So what were these caves and doorways supposed to go with anyways?! I made replacements that fit a little better. Before and after...
  3. Tea's Jams

    RPG Maker MZ The Basics Tutorial Series

    In this series we go through the A-Z's of developing a game in RPG Maker MZ. RPG Maker MZ The Basics - User Interface Overview Tutorial How to make a Map in RPG Maker MZ The Basics Tutorial RPG Maker MZ The Basics - Character Generator How to use the Event Editor Tutorial RPG Maker MZ The...
  4. Tea's Jams

    Stop an on screen animation

    Is there a way to stop an animation that is playing on screen (not in battle)? I want the animation to play, but I also want to be able to cancel it under a certain condition. Here's an example, I would like the bouncing coin to disappear after the player touches it...
  5. Tea's Jams

    5TH Annual Driftwood Jam!

    Come join us for the best game jam ever! Can you use RPG Maker? Than this is the jam for you, the theme is simply, RTP only. Please check out the itch page for details. This year we have the mega cash prize of a $25 dollar steam gift card!
  6. Tea's Jams

    How to event side doors

    Eventing side doors In this tutorial, you'll learn how to event doors that are on the side walls of your game, such as door leading to rooms to the left or to the right. These events will have the player open the door and upon leaving the area, the player turns around and shuts the door...
  7. Tea's Jams

    Tall Male and Female Sprite Templates (Elven)

    I took WTR's sprites which I liked the looks of and modified them a little, fixed a few alignment/perspective issues, added elven ears and made a male version. WTR allows modification/redistribution, commercial use, credit if you want. My terms of use are: Free for commercial and non-commercial...
  8. Tea's Jams

    Creative Cutscene Contest

    ***SORRY FOR THE BELATED ANNOUNCEMENT HERE*** Creative Cutscene Contest Come join us for a fun little game jam, where you can show off a cutscene of your making. Check out the link and video below for more details and to sign up! Enjoy!
  9. Tea's Jams

    Multiple Step counters

    multipleStepCounts v1.0 Authored by: Tea's Jams Terms of Use: Free for commercial and non-commercial projects Editing allowed Re-posting allowed Credit Tea's Jams (optional) Introduction This plugin provides 10 extra step counters in addition to the game data step counter. Choose a variable to...
  10. Tea's Jams

    How to TileD Rpg Maker auto tile terrain tutorial

    TileD Rpg Maker auto tile terrain tutorial This is a very basic rundown of how to use RPG Maker MV auto tiles as terrains in TileD (Terrains are used like autotiles in TileD) It also covers how to animate RPG Maker animated autotiles in TileD. TileD is a very versatile map editor that can be...
  11. Tea's Jams

    Transporting item

    Transport to previously visited towns In this tutorial you will learn how to transport to previously visited towns with an item. I also cover putting the town list in one scrolling window and calling animations from move events. Plugins used:
  12. Tea's Jams

    Script call to restrict player based on player location?

    So, I searched the forums a bit and can't seem to find the right answer (although I'm positive it's buried somewhere in here... sigh) Anyway, I would like to use a plugin that breaks Yanfly's region restrict. I'm hoping to do something to resolve the issue it creates for a game that already has...
  13. Tea's Jams

    Alternative to ITCH.IO

    This website posts only free games and it makes it easy to make your MV games playable online, check out the features in the video below. : D INDIEXPO.NET
  14. Tea's Jams


    I don't know how I didn't notice this section before!!! :LZSjoy: Hi everyone, you may have seen me around the forums. My name is Tea and I LOVE RMMV!!! I have a YouTube channel that was mostly born from the incredible IGMC 2017 (What a great event, I'm soooo stoked for the next one!), I...
  15. Tea's Jams

    Custom Loading Screen

    CUSTOM LOADING SCREEN TUTORIAL Learn how to add your own custom loading screen to the RPG Maker MV engine. We will test the files size limits and see how big and how small the loading image can be. Art program used in tutorial:
  16. Tea's Jams


    CUSTOM BUTTON SET TUTORIAL Learn how to customize your button set for your RPG Maker MV mobile games. File size and format specification explanation. Art program used in tutorial:
  17. Tea's Jams


    Make your own animation sheets! In this tutorial we go over animation sprite sheet sizing to add your own assets into the engine for use with the amazing in engine animation tool. Art program used in tutorial:
  18. Tea's Jams

    Custom side view battler sheet

    Make your own side view battlers! In this tutorial we go over how to make your own side view battler sheets. Art program used in tutorial:
  19. Tea's Jams

    Ice gun (frozen water bridges)

    How to Make an Ice Gun In this tutorial you will learn how to do three things: 1. Create a player location common event 2. Create a slightly modified tile sheet and use it in an event 3. Create an item tied to a common event that allows you to freeze any water in your game to make an ice...
  20. Tea's Jams

    Custom sprite sheet sizing and formatting

    Custom sprite sheet sizing and formatting In this tutorial, you'll learn how to size your own custom sprite sheet to work with RPG Maker MV engine. Also you will be familiarized with the engines sprite sheet file naming conventions. (Free image manipulation software used in video...

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