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  1. Runako

    !!Moghunter's "Elnard Enemy Encounter"!!

    Froggie man, I do wish you thr best my friend. I know its not easy being a programmer or artist. A lot of expectation is put on you guys. I'm hoping someone can pick it up. I know that my game works as a metaphor between physical and Spiritual. Though you see physical things, the battle is...
  2. Runako

    !!Moghunter's "Elnard Enemy Encounter"!!

    Has anyone everg figured this out?
  3. Runako

    Display NPC stats

    Awesome, i can't wait! Ill keep in touch then.
  4. Runako

    Display NPC stats

    Awesome, so you're working on something that will consist of the traits I described? Will it allow players to view inputted stats for NPCS almost like how u can view stats with Actors?
  5. Runako

    Display NPC stats

    Hello, Good morning, afternoon, night, or whats ever relevant to your time zone. I'm pretty much sure a plugin will be needed for this so I immediately put it in "plugin request" So, in my game, interactions with NPCs are imperative; the entire game is driven by your interactions with them...
  6. Runako

    Conversation Cooldown

    Im going to give this method a try this weekend. Much love guys because every word of advice helps to move the progress. I promise game design is like a series of puzzles lol. I was thinking of using common events to set a timer. But i havent had a chance to try it yet.
  7. Runako

    Converting NPCs Through Conversation (Pictures Included)

    @DarkKxng101 , much love man. I've been praying and thinking hard about how to deliver something new. I was just telling my wife how your comment encouraged me so much haha! @Frogboy thank you for verifying that because I wasnt sure. Its a really powerful plugin. Each NPC is entire project, so...
  8. Runako

    Conversation Cooldown

    Hey, good morning everyone! In my game I run a tight conversation system where players interact with NPCs and they are given multiple conversation options: they can listen, respond, or initiate conversation. As they communicate with NPCS, they lose or gain points. With that said, How do I...
  9. Runako

    Capture Enemies

    Is it possible to make the capture rate equal a variable. For example, if variable equals 70% then capture rate is 70%. Thank you
  10. Runako

    How to Create Bonus Characters Slot

    Hello everybody! I am working on a game that will allow players to add NPCs to their parties as generic bonis actors who give the entire party a bonus. Players can swap out characters by leaving then or picking them up. I wanted the total party max to be five members. 3 Slots for main...
  11. Runako

    !!Moghunter's "Elnard Enemy Encounter"!!

    Thank you for your response @Whitney ! All your help is appreciated! :kaoangry: I would have my map filled with invisible events, that work like on-map encounters (except invisible of course) Hm? But even after a battle, in Mog's script, the enemies on the radar reset. I don't think this...
  12. Runako

    !!Moghunter's "Elnard Enemy Encounter"!!

    Thank you for that clarification haha. Enlard does sound greasy, fattening even. My eyes have looked at it incorrectly for years lol! I'll make the corrections. And thank you for the direction. This plugin has to be crafted! It provides such a dynamic change to enemy encounters
  13. Runako

    !!Moghunter's "Elnard Enemy Encounter"!!

    Moghunter created an amazing script for Rpg maker vx ace. This script combined random encounters and on-map encounters seamlessly. Why I have not seen this moved over to MV, I have no clue. The system: - Drew a minimap that showed a player dot (represented by a blue dot) and multiple enemy dots...
  14. Runako

    Actor Command Option Adder Thing

    Hey great work my friend!!
  15. Runako

    Himeworks- Use Skill Assistance

    Because I am a dubba dubba who thinks too hard. Lol ill check it out when I get home. Thank you for responding!
  16. Runako

    Himeworks- Use Skill Assistance

    I am using a plugin that allows characters to learn skills through equipment. So when they equip a weapon, they learn the skill. When they unequip the weapon, they forget the skill. So, I wanted to use Himework's "Use Skill" plugin to put their skill on the actor command ONLY if they know it...
  17. Runako

    Actors Friendship System

    Is it possible to do this hut with NPCs or???

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