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  1. aniaaous

    Overlay change position when using a zoom command (yanfly doodas, orange overlay)

    Hi all! I'm sure that I'm not the only one with this problem But when ever I used a zoom command with either SRD_camera_core or MBS_MapZoom My layers changes position I wonder if there's a fix for that thanks in advance !
  2. aniaaous

    Quasi movment

    I wonder if anyone is familiar with quasi movment I'm trying to change the region box settings But I can't get it to work...This is what is says in the documentation. "In order to be able to use Region Boxes, you will need to enable the Use Region Boxes setting. once it's enabled you will need...
  3. aniaaous

    Real actor position

    Hi all, Is there any way to get real player position x,y not Grid position like pixel position ?!
  4. aniaaous

    4 sides backpack

    So What I'm trying to make is an animation where the player opens a backpack to get into the menu But I couldn't find any to start with...xd I know it requires a lot of work so I can pay if it's not too expansive. This is what I'm trying to do
  5. aniaaous


    Hi to all ! So basicaly what I want to do is to set random backgrounds for a specfic actor in the statue scene check pictures I think its this code that changes the images but I don't know how to edit in a way that set specifc background for acotrs neither to randomize the backgrounds...
  6. aniaaous

    Ultra mode 7 (blizzard)

    How does one map with this plugin ?! Any tips or tutorials ?
  7. aniaaous

    In game brightness settings ?

    I recently changed my monitor and I just noticed that my game looks way darker then it should be I had to change the monitor brightness to look like it should. But how will the player know the way that it should look like? Is there any way to add a brightness adjustment test like in other...
  8. aniaaous

    Bust aligner For Irina Visual Novel Busts plugin

    I made my brother make this quick tool that helps you align Busts to use different emotions in the show text command...It was a pain to do that with Photoshop
  9. aniaaous

    Dragonbones Map Sprites and Event Pictures plugin

    Hi ! So I recently found about this plugins and I was wondering if anyone Already brought them and if he could provide me with more information's or tutorials thanks !
  10. aniaaous

    Would you play a game with this resoluion 1000x360 ?!

    it looks like a letterbox .-.
  11. aniaaous

    Help ! MessageWindowPopup and screen zoom

    So When I zoom the map the Message window gets delayed I was wondering if anyone have the same problem or could come up with solution I'm lost :kaocry:
  12. aniaaous

    How do I change the spirit emote when casting a skill ?

    With the help of Yanfly plugins I was Able to set A weapon animation in a skill what I need to change now is that Emote. In the first pic He is in a praying mode, Now How do I change that to guard mode or something else ?!
  13. aniaaous

    How to intensifier the blur in the battel backgournd

    So i really don't want to use battelbacks i kinda like the blur is there anyway to intensifier it ? like make it stronger ?!
  14. aniaaous

    exporting to android

    hi to all i'm having a very annoying and weird problem when i export to android when i export its says failed to load some files while i have them in the www directory with the same capital later and all ? for those that succeed exporting to android any tip ? did that alredy happen ?
  15. aniaaous

    HELP with in game info

    i kind need help on how to display tips or just random info to the player like "x joind the group " or " you can do x by doing x " i was thinking about making the screen background blury and make the text in blue with a bigger size but i have no idea how to make so your help would be very...
  16. aniaaous


    hi all ! how i'm i supposed to change trp weapons ?! i want to use this
  17. aniaaous

    combat system

    i kind of need help with my combat system so i realy hate battlebacks and i dont want to use them what if i just leave it like this in the screen ? is it okay ? do you recommend anything ?
  18. aniaaous

    background parallax problem

    so its my first attempt to put a parallax background and i have a problem with the image repeating it self is there anyway to fix this without changing the resolution of the image it will get ugly if i make it any higher
  19. aniaaous

    how are you going tonight

    I should be working on my project, but hey, anything distract you when you work to do right? :') how did you end up here anyway? in the rpg maker world .-. ;3
  20. aniaaous

    noob question

    i'm trying to make a quest wall for my project and i just need to ask question! in the event sections is ther any way for the event wich in 2nd page to go back to the first one ?

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