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  1. Tigersong

    Check for item in event

    Hey, I just resumed work in XP after some time. I want to make an event dependent on the player having a specific item, but it looks like I'd need to write a script. What might that script look like? Actually, what would be ideal is if adding an item automatically incremented a variable. Can...
  2. Tigersong

    Stand-alone Linux Editor

    Does anyone know when the stand-alone version of MV will be updated for Mac and Linux? Will there be an announcement, an email, or what? You know what they say about tigers and curiosity...
  3. Tigersong

    Long grass tiles

    I want to make an event for "cutting grass" as it might be useful in a farming game, but there's a problem. The long-grass tiles are on A, so you can't change them in the event editor. (This is what makes XP so darned cool.) Is there some way of using regions to change tiles, or will I have to...
  4. Tigersong

    Hello Natalie

    I've had an idea for "Natalie's Tale", which has anthropomorphic characters, for some time but lacked the resources. Now that I have a reference, though, I'd like to request a sprite for the protagonist. Resource Type: sprite RPG Maker: MV Style: I'm not sure; for now let's go with RTP. So far...
  5. Tigersong

    RPGM won't acivate in Wine

    Hey. I've tried installing every version of RPG Maker I own over the last few days (MV seems to work if it's acquired through  Steam, but throws an error related to the QtWebEngine). When I tried inputting my product key, the same thing happened with both MV and VX: the clock icon appears and...
  6. Tigersong

    Learning skills

    I got very excited on realizing that a state can add (or seal) a skill type. It has me wondering about the potential of a Final Fantasy-type system where characters can learn skills from their foes. How would I, for instance, arrange it so that being hit by a specific skill gave one a chance of...
  7. Tigersong

    Two events, one quest

    I want to create a simple quest- man asks for water, player brings it to him, man rewards player with some good advice. I guess I'll be using a switch since the events are on different tiles, but how do I display text after the player returns? I used a second page with the condition that the...
  8. Tigersong

    He loves you

    How's it going, all? I've got a question itching to be asked, so here goes. It didn't take me too long to realize that calling my project "Harvest Moon-like" was a misnomer. I want to concentrate more on telling a story than making a farming game. With that said, here's the question. Natalie's...
  9. Tigersong

    XP-style resources?

    Note that I don't want anything converted from XP. Legal issues, you know. I'd like to know whether anyone has resources in the XP style- that is, with a less gaudy color palette than Ace. Candacis' tiles are good; they're still Ace-styled but with less saturation. The reason I ask is because...
  10. Tigersong

    Tiles with tooltips?

    I was wondering, since I'm using non-RTP tiles right now, if anyone knows how to add tooltips to tilesets? (Try saying that three times quickly.) It seems like something only the makers of Ace can do (is it Enterbrain that actually made the program?) but even confirmation of my fears is welcome.
  11. Tigersong

    Farming game engines?

    Does anyone know of a commercially-available engine for making Harvest Moon-type games? I'm asking because it seems like a better way than trying to adapt something made for combat-based games. (If the mods want to move this thread, that's fine.)
  12. Tigersong

    GCH sprites in Unity?

    I've got a question about legal stuff. Are we allowed to use sprites created with GCH in Unity? On the one hand, you could argue that anything we make is our property. On the other hand, there could be complications stemming from the fact that said sprites are in the RPG Maker style, made in a...
  13. Tigersong

    What's in the box?

    I was wondering, on seeing the present icon, if it's possible to make an item that gives you another, random item. Here's my theory; please tell me whether I've got it right. The first item calls a common event, which generates a random number. Then there's a conditional branch that checks what...
  14. Tigersong


    I know I saw a tutorial, somewhere, about how to change multiple tiles at once. (It probably had to do with region IDs.) Does anyone remember such an animal? The reason I ask is because I'd like to be able to quickly replace long grass with another tile. Any help is appreciated, naturally.
  15. Tigersong

    Forum FAQs

    You've probably seen this before: several topics in, say, the Ace support forum asking essentially the same question. (How do  I make an opening cutscene?) So I'm proposing an F.A.Q thread that directs users to the appropriate tutorial, thus reducing the number of threads.
  16. Tigersong

    Horsing around

    While I'm very happy to have the Rural Farm Tiles, one thing that's lacking is a set of mounted sprites. Could someone please make me a mounted version of the red-haired heroine? There's a horse and a "riding" spritesheet in the RTP, so that's no problem. I'd do the job myself but my...
  17. Tigersong

    Just a suggestion

    I was wondering, is this a workable idea? If I wanted to make an Ace game with, say, XP-type graphics, it would good to be able to buy XP resources without the engine itself. A) I'm broke and B) this would open up all kinds of opportunities for developers in general. Please consider it...
  18. Tigersong

    Meanwhile back at the ranch

    Apologies if this is the wrong forum, but here goes. I'm thinking about the feasibility of creating a farming game in V.X. Specifically, I want to know if one tileset is enough to get the job done. (A lot of the Rural Farm tiles come with seasonal variants, and I'm fairly sure they can be used...
  19. Tigersong

    Cute as a button

    So I thought I'd make an event that brings up a message when the appropriate button is pressed. Easy, right? Except, when I went to playtest, nothing happened. The 'button pressed' prompt was right between the balloon and the text. What happened, and can I put it back?
  20. Tigersong

    Conditional return

    I don't know whether this is the right forum, but it says Ruby in the title... anyway, I'm trying to move ahead in my lessons at Code School. After editing the above code, I get a message saying I didn't remove the variable assignment in the "if" statement. What's the variable assignment here...

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