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  1. Chaz

    Making a secret 'Wait for X amount of time' ending

    I'm using MV but I figure this is, for the most part, not specific to a certain maker! Okay, so here's what I want to do: I'd like to make a secret ending for my game that's set off, at least in part, by waiting in one room for X amount of minutes. Take for example the "___" ending in The...
  2. Chaz

    Recommended tile properties for Pop! Horror City MV?

    This is probably a commonly-asked question regarding tilesets in general - but are there any templates or cheatsheets for what settings each tile in Pop! Horror City should have? When I change from the default tileset to Horror City, a lot of the tile properties carry over from the default...
  3. Chaz

    Manipulating followers through events?

    I'm loving the new Followers system, I think it's pretty cute! I'm trying to figure out if there's any way to use an event to move your followers separately from your leader, or at least to make it look like that's what's happening without any sudden movements. As an example, say I have a party...
  4. Chaz

    Having trouble with positioning actors in my party

    Hi! Just got my copy of MV and I'm loving it already! I'm just working on some test stuff to get used to the system (And RPG making in general), and I'm trying to figure out how to do a thing with party members. The setup is that I want my party to contain only one character at first, and then...

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