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  1. Yato

    Change Window Color - the frame

    What I'm looking to do might not be possible, but I'd thought I'd throw it out to people who are more familiar with MV and javascript than me. By default, when you use "Change Window Color" to change the tone of a windowskin, it only appears to change the background color and not the frame...
  2. Yato

    Attract Mode

    Attract Mode 1.3 by Racheal Introduction This script allows you to set up an attract mode when the player sits idle on the title screen, similar to many arcade and console games. Features Sends the player to a blank map after a certain number of frames spent on the title screen...
  3. Yato

    Lag caused by load_header and mouse script?

    I'm having an issue with lag when I use the mouse cursor in the save screen. I'm using a modified version of Yanfly's Save Engine as well as Amaranth's Super Simple Mouse System. There is no issue when I use the keyboard. I can bash up/down as fast as I can, and I do not notice any lag. When I...
  4. Yato

    Target Any Add-On for Yanfly's Target Manager

    Target Any Add-On for Yanfly's Target Manager by Racheal Introduction This is a Add-On for Yanfly's Target Manager which allows you to set skills that can target friend OR foe. Features - Press Up/Down to switch between Ally and Enemy targeting for select skills. - Targeting defaults to...
  5. Yato

    Relocated Pause Graphic

    Relocated Pause Graphic 1.0 by Racheal Introduction Tired of that pause graphic always being right in the middle of the message window? This script recreates the pause graphic, allowing you to move it wherever you want. The script is defaulted to placing the graphic on the right side, but...
  6. Yato

    Halloween Bash

    Download (4.9MB): Link | Mirror It’s the day before Halloween, and little Roberta is excited for her first ever Halloween party at school. She simply can’t wait to get home and have her mother help her make a costume. However, an unfortunate event halts her plans, sending her on a journey in a...
  7. Yato

    Standalone without VL-Gothic? Is it possible?

    Maybe it's because I grew up in the 56k era, but when I release a game, I'm always trying to get the file size as small as possible without sacrificing quality. I also make largely custom games, so I prefer to make the files not require the RTP. One thing that has always bugged me is the fact it...
  8. Yato

    Winter Blossoms

    STORY Gerda and Kai have always lived peaceful lives next door to one another in their rural town of Middenstad, their rooms connected by a tiny rose garden loft their parents built. While reading a book together that once belonged to Gerda’s grandmother, something strange happens to Kai. He...
  9. Yato

    Dynamic Title

    Dynamic Title 1.1 by Racheal Introduction This script changes the title screen based on a variable set in-game. This could be used, for example, to add a character to the title screen after you meet them. Features Change the background, foreground, or both. Pull the variable from the...
  10. Yato

    Dragonfly Summer Olympics

    Download: [LINK] (8.8 MB) Garret Ardean received a large donation of money from a mysterious organization called Dragonfly Studios. Looking upon the large sum, he knew there was only one thing he could do: host a Summer Olympic Games in their honour! He gathered the best of the best from the...

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