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  1. vociferocity

    Yanfly Learn Skills - How to Upgrade All Skills?

    Hi gang, I'm using Yanfly's Learn Skills script, and I'm not sure how to use it (or modify it) to get what I want: basically I want a skill that the player can Learn that will upgrade all other skills the player can learn. I have three planned upgrades, so I'm not sure just replacing the skills...
  2. vociferocity

    loot menu script

    I'm looking for a script that I'm sure already exists, but I can't track it down for the life of me. Basically, I want to remove weapons and armour from the item menu, and add a loot option. I also want to be able to tag specific items as "loot", whereby they can't be used/consumed, only sold...
  3. vociferocity

    Witch Quest!

    A note: I was previously working on a game called Princess Rescue, but my laptop died and I lost all the data. Somehow I hadn't backed it up, ever. Great work, me. Anyway, I have begun this game as a way to regain my lost dignity; a short game that shouldn't take too long to make, that I'm...
  4. vociferocity

    automatic border around faces

    Hi guys :) So I'd like a simple border around the character's faces that are displayed in battle/in messages, but also I don't want to spend a billion hours in photoshop. I found this script that adds borders to icons, and tried changing it, but had zero luck. Does anyone think they could whip...
  5. vociferocity

    damage after (or during?) a common event in battle

    So I have a skill that calls a common event as well as dealing damage. the common event shows, moves and hides a picture (a summoned monster that's supposed to be the one doing damage). the skill deals damage before the common event is called, which doesn't make the most in-game sense ever. is...
  6. vociferocity

    People 4-3 Battler

    Hi peeps, I'm looking for a battler that looks like the rtp prince (people 4-3, the dude with green hair). If it doesn't already exist somewhere (& if it does - please point me in the direction <3), I'd super appreciate it if someone could whip one up :) Thanks in advance!
  7. vociferocity

    Party status bar vanishes in battle

    So I'm setting up a system where you can change classes in battle via a skill tied to a common event, and uhh I'm running into an awkward issue: when the choices are displayed, the party status bar vanishes, only to reappear after a full turn (party attacks, enemy attacks, party status...
  8. vociferocity

    DS vs DS+

    A while ago I was a member+, and I downloaded a DS-style pack of characters, faces and busts. now I'm interested in getting the rest of the DS resources, starting with the pack that doesn't include the characters I already have. So would that be DS or DS+? I'm so confused by the differences...
  9. vociferocity

    Using the help window

    I feel like the help window in the menu is criminally underused. Is there a way to add text to it? mostly I want classes and skill types to have descriptions up in the help window, to give players a little more information, but I can't work out how to do it. is there even a way?
  10. vociferocity


    Does anyone else find writing endings really difficult? Do you work them out as you go, or write them up first? Do you like your characters to still be able to wander around doing quests, or do you prefer to have a big "THE END" and then credits, and then the end of the game? What are your...
  11. vociferocity

    Princess Rescue!

      Princess Rescue! is a light-hearted mini RPG. I started working on it in 2012, rebooted it a couple of months later, and then had a looong break from it. but now I'm ready to finish it off! hopefully this time I actually complete the thing :) It is shortly after the Princess's seventeenth...
  12. vociferocity

    Equipping Skills For Battle

    so for my game I have a very FF9 style class system: characters can swap between classes, learning skills for each class. during battle (and through the main menu) they can only access the skills that are for that class (the princess has access to the "prayer" skills as a healer, and "vanquish"...
  13. vociferocity

    "Beserk" state using skills

    I've set up a passive beserk state for one of my character's classes, and I want her to randomly attack enemies/use skills (typed as "beserker skills", so she can only use them when she's in the beserker class) on enemies. she goes into the state fine, and I can't select her, and she does her...
  14. vociferocity

    FFTA Job System (editing some existing scripts)

    okay so, I'm trying to set up a job system in my game that's basically the same as the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance one; basically, you have a bunch of subclasses. you start with a few unlocked, and then once you've mastered enough skills from one (or two) subclasses, you unlock some more, and...
  15. vociferocity

    Creating a new type of item

    So I've decided to forego the whole "monsters drop gold" route, and instead go for "monsters drop useless themed items that you sell for gold" (broken fangs, pelts, etc). but I don't want the loot items to clog up the regular item page, or the key item page, so I'd like to create a new type of...
  16. vociferocity

    Princess Rescue!

    so I....might or might not be working on this again! (spoilers: I am!) the thing is, I've pretty much totally rebooted it hahaha. instead of nine party members, most of whom are optional, I've culled it down to four mandatory characters. the plot is completely different - there are actually...

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