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  1. Kristina

    Show animation on follower

    As the title says, I want to show an animation on a follower. Is there anyone who knows how I can do that? I would like to avoid making a cutscene.
  2. Kristina

    Player can't move

    Hi game makers! It appears I'm in need of some help, hopefully a pair of fresh eyes will help. After a cutscene I can't move the player, but I can turn in every direction. I can also access the menu, but it takes a couple tries to be able to - I have to like type X 3-4 times, then the menu...
  3. Kristina

    Balloon Icons Height

    Hi game makers! Is there a way to change balloon icons height position? I can't seem to find a way that works, no matter what I do.
  4. Kristina

    Balloon Icon Resources?

    I have seen many balloon icons people have made but they're mostly for VX/VX Ace. So I'm searching for balloon icons for MV in a different style, but can't seem to find any. Does anyone know where to find any?
  5. Kristina

    NPCs won't move

    I have come across something weird...not all of my NPCs will move or they do, but some of them only take one step, despite the events are the same just different sprite sheets. I can't see what the cause is... There are two sprites that walk around fine and two that only takes one step and then...
  6. Kristina

    Show exp on screen

    Hello, I'm using SRD HUD plugin and I got it to show HP and MP on the screen, but I really want to show exp. I want it to count up and turn back to zero whenever the player level up. I have struggled with making it work. Not sure what to put in current and max value, does someone know?
  7. Kristina

    Can't move player

    Hi, maybe you guys can help. I was playing around with making max items and now my actor won't move or turn as I press the arrow keys. I have tried on every map and I can't move in anyone of them. I have looked through it all and I can't see what they issue should be. I had just created a...
  8. Kristina

    Bigger event pictures?

    Hi all! I want to have my trees as events, so the player can cut them down and get wood, but how do I make it so that one whole tree is one event? The trees are bigger than one tile after all. I have seen bigger characters pictures that can fine be used in events, so I know it's possible but...
  9. Kristina

    Skin color bug?

    Hi, I'm using the character generator in RPG Maker MV and I want to change the skin color, but I can't with walking sprites...have anyone tried that?
  10. Kristina

    Problem with Tiles

    I'm not sure how they work? Like, I thought I could use it to make the background black. Can someone explain me their function? I use RPG Maker MV
  11. Kristina

    Breathe Effect?

    Hi, I don't like that NPC just stand completely still and I don't like the stepping function. I rather want some sort of breathing effect and also on player (if possible). Just when they stand still. I have tried MOG Character Motion Plugin but can't make that one work. I'm kinda hopping...
  12. Kristina

    Yanfly Smart Jump disable to learned

    I've been trying to make this work, but I'm now lost... I got the plugins: Smart Jump and Button Common Event. Now, I want the players to only be able to jump after a certain situation: in this case, a character who teach the player how to jump by a press of a button. So I want to only make...
  13. Kristina

    Using Comment Event to speed boost

    Hello! I'm not sure what I do wrong here, so could use some fresh eyes. The idea is simple. When the player drinks a cup of coffee (item) they get a speed boost that last 30 seconds. So I thought making a comment event or two to be specific and link it to the item would do the trick, but I...
  14. Kristina

    Start over with room?

    I got a small puzzle that's part of the game where the player needs to push a stone to a specific spot. Now, I really want to start over with the puzzle from within the game by a keystroke or something close. Is that possible?
  15. Kristina

    YanFly's Icon Ballons, how to use

    This is probably a stupid question, but I need a icon balloon to show on top of an actor's head. A sweat to be specific. The idea is the actor goes to the player and then the icon pops up, followed by some dialogue. That's it. Now, I got YanFly's Icon Balloons Plugin and I really like the...

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