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  1. Frozen_Phoenix

    Front view vs Side view battle system

    Which system you prefer and why? As a player I prefer the side view one if there are good animations, as it's more visually appealing. But if I were to make a game I would use front view unless I had someone to make all the cool animations for me. Also if the battles are more about number...
  2. Frozen_Phoenix

    Full Item and Skill Descriptions

        This script will let you add a full description to items and skills. Press shift to open/close the full description window.   Use the tag <fdesc:> in the item/skill notebox to do so. Use \n to jump a line.   You can use the same codes you can in the message window: ...
  3. Frozen_Phoenix

    Ultimate Stat Distribution Script Updated 1.2

    Actors will gain stat points whenever they level up or when you want to give them via script call: $gameActors[id].gainStats(amount) Those points can be used to increase the actor's stats via a custom scene. To call the scene use the call: SceneManager.sceneDistribution(actor)...
  4. Frozen_Phoenix

    Custom Stat Growth

    Allows the use of custom formulas to determine stat growth.    Example: <hpg: a.atk + a.def> Increases max hp by attack plus defense on level up.     Download:
  5. Frozen_Phoenix

    Custom State Damage

    Hey guys, I made a script that let you use notetags to determine the damage/regen done by a state (instead of being always a percentage of the target's max hp/mp/tp).   Link: (fixed state removal bug & save bug)   Guide on...
  6. Frozen_Phoenix

    Erik and the 69 crystals

    Plot A thousand years ago an evil mage called Drakiyth summoned a powerful demon, Balrog, to attempt world domination, he almost succeed, but his devious plans got spoiled by a brave hero called Arthur, who used his trusty sword, Excalibur, to banish the demon and kill Drakiyth. Arthur died...

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