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  1. TheKingOfRats

    New weapon sheets

    hey everyone i'm trying to add new weapon sheets to the game, specifically the ones from "TrueClash's Armory" and i'm rather lost I've seen people say you need a plugin and others saying you don't, i know its not as simple as a sprite sheet, so any form of help would be appreciated, i really...
  2. TheKingOfRats

    No picture graphics

    Ok cheers man, sorry for my stupidity, you've saved my ass twice now
  3. TheKingOfRats

    No picture graphics

    Hello everyone, i have recently started using XP and i cant seem to add a picture graphic for dialogue events, i have looked up videos of people doing it and when they do "Show picture->picture graphic" they have a large list of pictures that they claim came with the game, however when i check...
  4. TheKingOfRats

    White backgrounds

    Cheers man, ill be sure to get gimp so i can set it up the correct way
  5. TheKingOfRats

    White backgrounds

    Ok thank you very much for the help, and ill look into photoshop or gimp, once again you have my thanks
  6. TheKingOfRats

    White backgrounds

    Hey eveyone im having some trouble resizing an image to fit the "face" image box as whenever i do the transparent background gets removed and replaced with a white one. Its odd because i found the file on this site and couldnt find who made it.

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