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  1. Pixii

    Using RPG Maker MV data for different users on a website

    I thought there would be some sort of json output (or something) related to individual users. I went through each of the folders, but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. audio/fonts/icon/img - not it data - not it, because these are json files that make up the actual database (actors...
  2. Pixii

    Yanfly Event Window / Item Pop Up

    There was a script for RPG Maker VX Ace by Yanfly called "Event Window".   It was by FAR my favorite script, and the most useful imo. Since there wasn't a great pop up item script for Ace that there was for VX. I've tried...
  3. Pixii

    My Actors & Enemies Deal ZERO Damage

    This is a brand new project, there is very very little going on here. I have a few Yanfly Plugins and Gameus Quest System (although even with all Plugins Disabled I'm still having this issue) This is not an "Are you loading a Saved File" issue - I'm not working with any Saved Files. I have zero...
  4. Pixii

    Type Error: cannot read height undefined

    Receiving the following Error when attempting to initiate a Battle via an Event, using Yanfly Core. File Name: YEP_CoreEngine.js Version: v1.12 Parameters: Set to Default JavaScript File: unchanged Plugins: ALL Plugins are OFF, EXCEPT YEP_CoreEngine.js TypeError: Cannot read...
  5. Pixii

    Creating an Item from a Script

    Is there a way to create an item via a script line? For Example: (simplified version) Let's say I have created an item called "Short Sword" using the In Game Database, and I equip that Short Sword onto Actor 1. Actor 1 (controlled by the Player) then visits a Smithy who can craft upgrade...
  6. Pixii

    Yanfly Gab Window Not Working

    I just started a project and wanted to use Yanfly's Gab Window. I haven't altered the .js file, and I do not have any conflicting Plugins (as it's the ONLY plugin currently ON within my Project) I simply placed the original file in the correct folder and attempted a simple Plugin Command (as...
  7. Pixii

    How do I set a Variable to be equal to an Actor's Stat using a Script?

    Basically, I have a Common Event that needs to Perform a Skill Check and I'm trying to get the Ability Modifier for the Actor (which is a simple formula based on the Actor's requested Stat) This Color Text means that I do not need help with this, and it's already accomplished This...

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