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  1. kreedves

    Polearms/Pole weapons & Magic weapons

    hey guys glad we have a spear weapon but there are so many different Polearms that are not spears: i would but im not that good at drawing. Also can someone make Weapon that are more magic based? like prayer beads and exorcism paper (Ofuda...
  2. kreedves

    Charge Magic and Sense

    Ok I don't know how to explain it in words but I will try. I what certain bosses (maybe some of my own spells and maybe a few standard minions) to have spells/skills that need to "charge" basically taking 2-4(maybe more) action turns until the boss finally uses said spell/skill (and naturally...
  3. kreedves

    The voodoo doll plugin

    ok this is kinda compicated so bare with me, i want an ability that smmons a voodoo doll (as an enemy) i want it to last 3-5 turn, the voodoo doll wil have no def, no m.def, all weaknesses and amplified damage bt have ALOT of health (so far i can do all this using plugins and the defalt mv...
  4. kreedves

    Prehistoric theme

    you know most RPG are either fantasy, sci-fi (or at least future dystopian future ), Japanese (like feudal era), or modern (with a few exceptions of course), so i thought how can i make a game wheres there's a lot of creatures without relying on these theme, then i thought "make dinosaur...
  5. kreedves

    Kreedves' junk

    facesets: IconSets (i did make icon sets but they are too big so here's a preview: PLEASE NOTE: THESE ICONS HAVE BOTH VxACE AND MV ICON, SO YOU MUST HAVE BOTH LICENSES TO USE THIS and here's a link with both and they're attacked to yanflys' icon set...
  6. kreedves

    Turn-based, Move-base RPG

    ok i now there ALOT of turn based plugins which is great but what i want to know is, is it poosible to make a turn based rpg simillar to fire emblem or final fantasty tatics: where you limit the movement of each unit by a spefic amount for each turn. and if you move a charater they cant...
  7. kreedves

    Briidge restrict

    Okay so i made a bridge in a town here's the problem, you are only suppose to get up and down the bridge via stairs however that isn't the case, I and go up and down the bridge from the bridge and the floor tile next to it From the bridge, i decided to make it a jump event, so that...
  8. kreedves

    Weird black box

    This has been bugging me for awhile! i thought it was a plugin or had to to with the windows.png in the system file (sense i changed it), but it proved it was neither, it was the iconSet, i found a new icon set that was HUGE(from a rtp i found online), and i set it as my iconSet, to be...
  9. kreedves

    Multiple endings

    I know HOW to create different endings (using various condition like variablies and switches, common events etc.), but it there a plugin that which installed will add a "Endings" tab in the title screen? Maybe have it keep track of how many ending you have unlocked and screen similiar to the...

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