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  1. optimum45

    Convergence #0: The Prologue (Final Release)

    Story Synopsis The Prologue follows The Grand Matriarch Ariane as she ponders an uncertain future.  After she tends to her younger children a distortion wave rips through the city.  She persues the cause of the distortion waves and makes an alarming discovery.  Something is distorting reality...
  2. optimum45

    "Re-Designing" The Save System

    I suspect that this isn't as terribly difficult as my mind thinks it is...   :headshake: I'm trying to modify the "Save" system in the following ways: -Change all instances of "Save" to "Bookmarks". -Adjust the Save/Load tile to print the Scene # and Scene Name (Switch Driven, should be easy...
  3. optimum45

    Visual Effect Question

    I am attempting to visualize a "distortion" effect, and I believe it possible with the right combination of effects. Sadly, my overall knowledge of what can and should be done with complex visual design is greatly hindering my overall quality.  I was wondering if anyone out here would be kind...
  4. optimum45

    Convergence: The Changing Tide

    Synopsis A decade removed from a turbulent childhood, Morgan struggles with the unrelenting boredom and monotony of day to day life.  Trapped in a boring job with no real reason to move forward, Morgan begins to remember the dreams that caused all of his problems back then, and wonders why they...
  5. optimum45

    Determining CPU Specifications for My Game (VX Ace)

    I hadn't thought of this before, but it seems to be necessary information to give to the consumer.  I know that RPG Maker has a listing based on its RTP settings (I believe), but is there any way for us to find out what our products require for a post-production model?  I assume it would be...
  6. optimum45

    Protecting My Work

    I had planned to release a demo version of the project I've been working on, and I was wondering if there were any steps that I had to take to protect my work before I release it for the demo? I have very little knowledge about this aspect of the "industry", but I know that theft is a big deal...
  7. optimum45

    The Best Endings

    The end of a project is often the hardest to do properly.  You can see this from the professional industry all the time, as they give us reasons to fight and care about their characters, and then leave us with a hollow ending that doesn't fulfill our needs.  One of the most revealing things...
  8. optimum45

    Text Commands - Draw Actor Face by Actor ID

    This seems like something that should be easy, or maybe I'm just not seeing it.  I've looked all over for what I expected to be an easy fix, and found a lot of very confusing stuff on the topic.  So, off to post it I go. My "Hero" has a number of different possible faces and spritesets, based...
  9. optimum45

    Giving The Player Choices, and Taking Them Away

    My story takes the Hero into a situation where (I had planned) to give them a series of questions, the answers of which would lead them to what their "personal hero" would look like.  Then I ran into a creative issue. The story, as I have it written, requires the hero to have certain specific...
  10. optimum45

    Requesting Advice on Purchasing Resources

    My project requires some additional artwork and sound effects/music, and I was wondering if anyone could give me some direction on where to go for the following specific resources.  I don't want to buy everything for sale, but without being able to sample, there is no real way to tell what I'd...

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