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  1. starcrescendo

    Debug Tool

    I'm testing cutscenes on my game and was wondering about some of the debug tools available. Is there any way to stop an event if I accidentally set it to AutoRun and it keeps on playing because I didn't set a self switch? Is there any way to proceed when the game freezes due to passability...
  2. starcrescendo

    Battle Bonus/Victory Conditions

    So let me start out by saying I don't specifically need this plugin, at least not for my current game. So it isn't really a request, more of an "idea" for any scripters who are looking for something to build and flex those programming chops. And fellow game devs can comment if they'd like to see...
  3. starcrescendo

    MV "Scroll Map" Camera Questions

    Is there anyway to make it so the "Scroll Map" commands wait for completion? Is there anyway to make the camera with the "Scroll Map" command move diagonally? (Ex: Down Right). Right now, I have an event set to scroll Down, then I have another command to scroll Right. It moves maybe half the...
  4. starcrescendo

    Using battler poses?

    So there's all these fancy smancy battlers but is there anyway to use them outside of the battle system? I like how they generate all of these animations, particularly the one with the eyes closed so it looks like they are mediating or thinking hard, is there a way to use the battler outside of...
  5. starcrescendo

    Humble Bundle Resources / Store Packs

    Hi, I'm not really sure where this goes, but here is my problem: Is there a list anywhere of what store packs were included with the recent Humble Bundlu for the IGMC contest? The reason I ask, is I downloaded all of the packs that I got for paying more than the average, and it is literally a...
  6. starcrescendo

    Unreal Engine and Unity are both free!

    So, I don't know if this is old news by now to most people or not but Unreal Engine 4 and Unity are both free (*kinda) now. I'm currently downloading Unreal Engine to play around with (will take forever at 4GB @_@). Has anyone else seen this? What do you think of the news, and how does it...
  7. starcrescendo

    *Crescendo's (Newbie) Let's Plays

      *crescendo Youtube Channel: Click here   Hi, I'm Chris, “Starcrescendo” (or “Star” for short), and I started a YouTube channel doing Let's Play videos of RPGM games. I’m opening this topic to showcase the videos I've done, to get feedback on how to improve, and also to get...
  8. starcrescendo

    Setup Cutscenes / Loading Screens?

    Hello Everyone, I was wondering about people's opinions of loading screens in this topic. So, I find that before every cutscene, I generally do a few things "behind the scenes" to setup the cutscene. To do that, I always change the Screen Color Tone to Black over 1 Frame (the minimum it allows...
  9. starcrescendo

    Strange Behavior - Multiple Project Windows

    I have some very quirky behavior running multiple windows on the same computer at once in RPG Maker VX Ace.It seems like RPG Maker VX Ace's intent is to let you open multiple windows of the program, but it doesn't work as a normal Windows program operates in that regard. This doesn't seem right...
  10. starcrescendo

    Please help me with this stupid ship!

    I can't understand how to get my custom character set to show up. I would just post the file, but I am using the ship tileset is from the RPG Maker DS+ pack so I don't think I can... Anyway, since I can't combine the required ship tilesheets with the default Exterior tileset (I have tried, but...
  11. starcrescendo

    RMXP Resources in RMVXA?

    I bought RMXP and was wondering if I can use the resources in my VX Axe project? I really apologize because I'm sure this has been asked countless times before, but I can't get anything to come up in search. Can I use RMXP resources in my VX Ace project if I own both makers? I'm most concerned...
  12. starcrescendo

    How do you track story progress?

    When you need to check the progress of events in the story and make sure a sequence of events has happened, how do you do it? Think of the main questline of a game... I need to be sure that  King has met with player and sent him to castle Player has been to castle and rescued princess Player...
  13. starcrescendo

    Online Backup / Steam Question

    OK so I have a two-part question for you guys please. And I hope that somebody has an answer because they are proactive about backing up their data and not that they have had the misfortune of losing their work. 1. I know some games like Skyrim, etc. that you purchase through Steam backup your...
  14. starcrescendo

    Howdy doo and all that hullabaloo!

    Hey everyone, I'm a professional web designer/psuedo-game designer known as "lorddonk" at other forums. I don't have any projects to post about, but I have a lot of games in development. I have a lot of ideas where I'm like "WOW that would make an awesome game!" but I suck at actually finishing...

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