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  1. After Battle Recovery + Control Global Max TP

    Well, I tried getting TP to work individually with each actor but everytime I tried, I got some error with a part of the core plugins. The update I've done simply adds a way to initialize TP on a global scale. I was trying to get a way to have TP affect character base stats but that would...
  2. After Battle Recovery + Control Global Max TP

    I'll have to make some edits to this before that happens. Should it be actor specific? Should it still be global?
  3. [Minor Script]Kaisyl's Vampirism

    Thanks, updated it a bit
  4. [Minor Script]Kaisyl's Vampirism This plugin extends the functions of the current existing drain effects in the game. Vampirism is not the only kind of state you can implement if you get creative enough. What it does is affect the amount of...
  5. After Battle Recovery + Control Global Max TP

    This plugin controls how much HP, MP and TP you recover after battle and how much TP is max TP in game. Free to do whatever with it. Any requests, lemme know and I'll try to add them. History v1: Plugin...
  6. Code not working @_@

    Thanks a ton, aliasing threw me off a lot but now I understand a few more things going on with the code I can start to work on more complex stuff.
  7. Code not working @_@

    So, I tried making a plugin for full HP recovery after battle in which the game designer can customize how much % recovery occurs after each fight. There is a problem however, it's just not working. Help? function toNumber(str, def) { return isNaN(str) ? def : +(str || def); } var...
  8. Calling party member data by position.

    It was the first one, thanks alot
  9. Calling party member data by position.

    What is the script call to call the face image data of party member 1 or 2? or rather, from which core plugin can I get this data from?
  10. Single Tile Bed

    Good for those who don't use tall sprites and want to make their game using the character generator which easily allows the creator to diversify their game. You can download it through my blog post here: If you like it, you...
  11. HP regen(non-battle) every 2-3 seconds

    You can use a switch, common event and variable. In common event, type is parallel if switch for hp regen is on. The variable is used to determine the heal amount. Use wait frames inside common event to determine rate.
  12. Actors Friendship System

    Script is incompatible with DreamX catch enemies script. Error associated: YEP_CoreEngine.js:1098 TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of undefined at Game_Actor.learnAfsSkill (Moogle_X_ActorsFriendshipSystem.js:1155) at Game_Actor.initAfsSkills (Moogle_X_ActorsFriendshipSystem.js:1150)...
  13. The script call for a map's size in X and Y

    As the title says, I'm looking for the script call for a map's size. eg: if a map is 17 x 13, I want the variable that would call the map's X value and the map's Y value. It is important for a map transition system I'm working on.
  14. MegaMan Battle Network Battle System (MV)

    Seems to make this you will need to do the following: - Completely remap all buttons for battle instances (Which means writing over some portions of RPG Maker Core.js script I think. - Re-write how turns are managed in game, re-write an ATB system to make it work as a whole (for both enemy and...
  15. [FROG] Health - Additional Custom HP, Hunger, Thirst and more!

    Your demo project works fine, I don't see any of the formulae in the formula configuration area using custom terms for damage like a.oxygen - b.mdf I think it's the base nature of the script itself. Damage to HP when custom health exceeds normal parameters works fine outside of battles...
  16. [FROG] Health - Additional Custom HP, Hunger, Thirst and more!

    Still 0 damage. Even if a.synchro is used by itself. disabling all scripts but the frog health has no effect.
  17. [FROG] Health - Additional Custom HP, Hunger, Thirst and more!

    Thanks, doesn't work for some reason, probably an incompatibility. Does your series of scripts go above or below yanfly's? Edit: The formula is something like this: (2 * a.mat - b.mdf) * (a.synchro / 100) Not sure why it's not working, the output reads 0 even when the synchro HP is 100.
  18. [FROG] Health - Additional Custom HP, Hunger, Thirst and more!

    Is there a way to include the special health bars as part of a damage modifier? eg: a.atk * a.customhp - b.def
  19. Character Maker

    Bug with loading side view character. It is due to yanfly's animated side view enemies script, an incompatibility.
  20. MV3D - 3D rendering for RMMV with Babylon.js

    Cool script, bugs I've noticed from simple plug and play is that it isn't currently compatible with graphical scripts (MogHunter emotion faces which uses pixiv and character creation type scripts.) This is possibly due to the fact that the script tries to render a 2D image as a 3D whereas the...

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