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  1. Josue Castillo

    That's soooooooooo ME.

    That's soooooooooo ME.
  2. Josue Castillo

    RMVXA ►Catalyst◄ Flight of the Awakened [In Development]

    I saw a video, and absolutely LOVED the voice acting!
  3. Josue Castillo

    Change Items state with time

    This is exactly what I was looking for! Items mutate for steps instead of time but that works just fine! Thanks a lot!!!
  4. Josue Castillo

    Change Items state with time

    Hello there! I'm currently developing a game and I just came up with the idea of something cool. I was thinking on Items for my game and I thought: Okay, let's add a Fish, to eat and restore your health after battling or something, but then I thought, okay, let's also add rotten fish. But I...
  5. Josue Castillo

    TRADE The Garden Path (LF a Mapper and a Spriter!)

    If you're still looking for a good mapper, PM me to show you my work!
  6. Josue Castillo

    RMV Autotiles (A1) Animated Tiles

    Hello, I was making some research to find some water or waterfall autotiles for RpgMakerMV but couldn't find any, besides the custom ones. Could someone please help me with this? Thanks!
  7. Josue Castillo

    ►Catalyst◄ Flight of the Awakened [Recruiting]

    If you still looking for mappers I could show you my work! Send me a PM if you're still interested
  8. Josue Castillo

    TRADE Chasing Justice: An Intimate Journey

    I could work as a map artist, if you'd like to see my work, contact me via PM!
  9. Josue Castillo

    Hirion - Swim

    Excellent, nice initiative. Will test it once I have time, but for now, THUMBS UP!
  10. Josue Castillo

    The name of this font? - RPG Maker MV

    The game it's a bit old, (Like two years ago) so I don't know if he/she is still active :( That's why I asked if someone knows the name of that font or something similar
  11. Josue Castillo

    The name of this font? - RPG Maker MV

    Hi, I didn't know where to post this question. I recently played an awesome short demo of "Therese Saves The world" game project, and felt really good with the font. It's so elegant and relaxing. Here's a picture of it:
  12. Josue Castillo

    Project Reality Break

    Hey there!
  13. Josue Castillo

    Project Reality Break

    I make great parallax maps. Here are a few I'm currently working on for a personal project. It's still WIP
  14. Josue Castillo

    MOG Weather system

    OH MY GOD, THANKS! It was so simple but I couldn't have noticed that! THANKS A LOT! Problem solved :D :D :D OBRIGADO!!!
  15. Josue Castillo

    MOG Weather system

    It did help, thanks! I set the SEASON COMMON EVENT Switch OFF and the leaves actually disappeared. But now something new came up. I use KAUS ULTIMATE OVERLAY plugin to use parallax mapping, and as you can see on the map picture above, there's a shadow (supposed to be from trees) all...
  16. Josue Castillo

    MOG Weather system

    Hello! I'm using Mog_hunter's weather system and I'm currently having some issues with it. At the beginning it worked great, but now it starts displaying falling leaves on the screen as soon as I playtest the game, even without calling any event. When I transfer maps, the leaves still on the...
  17. Josue Castillo

    Breathing/Idle animation for my Character

    Hello! I'm using Mog_hunter's CharPoses plugin and it consists in animating the character you're using giving him different animations when he's idle, running or walking. I would like someone that could give the breathing animation for my character below: A very sutile breathing animation in...
  18. Josue Castillo

    Khas Advanced Lighting v4.2 Ultra (now with real-time shadows!)

    I have a question Khas! I work with 'Mog Hunter Time System Plugin', (Day & Night), and I would like your plugin to work with it. But whenever I create an event (like a light torch) and it gets dark/night (Mog Time system) your light system don't show up. How could I do to sync the ambient light...
  19. Josue Castillo

    Winter Hills Tile Request [MV]

    I didn't know about the shift-mapping technique mlogan mentioned below, so I think that's it. And since I didn't know what you did, I used quotation marks on 'recolour'. But thanks! I will watch tutorials about that, looks interesting, thanks a lot!
  20. Josue Castillo

    Seeking staff - various

    If you ever need a great mapper, send me a PM, I could show you my work.

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