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  1. anonamix

    Eventing a movement route that makes the actor appear to spin?

    Hello all. I am trying to create a cutscene in which my actor appears to be swept away by rushing waves.. I have created the custom movement route, and have tried to add a spinning rotation to the sprite by adding turns in between the directions. Unfortunately the movement direction over...
  2. anonamix

    Mouse movement no longer effects doodad placement..

    Hello, I was once able to place doodads (with yanfly's doodad plugin) freely with my mouse. Lately I have been restricted to only using the keyboard.. The mouse will still place the doodad when left clicked, just no movement. This is becoming extremely frustrating as the doodad reverts to the...
  3. anonamix

    A cool down for gambling events after game is saved?

    I would like to prevent my casino to be exploited by tactical savers. Is there a way to create a cool down after saving until the casino games (or any event) are available for use again? Thanks!
  4. anonamix

    Animal companion/follower that does not show up in party screen?

    I would like to create an animal companion for one of my party members (similar to Nall in Lunar) for a purely novel aspect. No party screen, inventory, or even battle sprite (unless it was ambient and uncontrollable). Is this possible? Thanks!
  5. anonamix

    I would like to add frames to NPCs..

    After adding a ton of frames to my world and character animations, my NPCs are left feeling rather stagnant. Is there a plugin or another way to implement more frames for NPCs? Thanks!
  6. anonamix

    When is a sprite sheet too large?

    Hello all. I am creating some large, custom sprites with extra frames and wondered: How many frames would be considered excessive? Currently My sprite's are 192x192, moving 8 directions, with idle animations. Somewhere around 186 frames the sprite sheet is 1536x3456.. That's using 6 frames...
  7. anonamix

    Trouble with variables (quest progression)

    I have set my event up the same as in the tutorial I am following. But the initial dialogue is repeated when the quest giver is spoken to. Here is my event.. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. anonamix

    If i were to live stream: Would anyone be willing to walk me through variables?

    I learn/retain information a lot better when I am personally walked through a process. While trying many different variable tutorials, I am still having trouble applying that information to my workflow. I would REALLY appreciate if someone could watch while I stream my progress and maybe help...
  9. anonamix


    WARNING! This game contains extreme levels of vulgarity and is NOT intended for those who are easily offended. When our world threw him away, He found a NEW one.. Plot Rudy is down on his luck and living on the streets when he falls into the sewer. He discovers a subterranean world...
  10. anonamix

    I want event to approach character.. But only when the character is X far away.

    This seems like an obvious thing, but I am having trouble wording the search.. I would like my enemies to approach my main character. But only when they see/or are near them. If anyone could help me script this event or direct me to the right plugin.. Thanks a ton!
  11. anonamix

    Map assets loading during gameplay..

    Hello. When I leave my house (start location), the interior image remains for a while while the new exterior map loads. It only does this that first transition, but is still very immersion breaking. I have tried to add a short wait time with black screen but It still does it. Any tips for...
  12. anonamix

    Making a "run potion"?

    I want to disable dash on all of my maps. Then create a potion that calls a common event to force dash for a specified amount of time. I can't find any way to accomplish this.. Thanks in advance!
  13. anonamix

    SV Battlers not moving to enemy when attacking..

    I am using a lot of Yanfly battle plugins and still can't find out how to make my character move to the enemy when attacking. At the end of Yanfly's animated battler tutorial it shows the character moving all the way to the enemy (not just stepping up a little.) Am I missing something on how...
  14. anonamix

    Any advise for editing the size of sv weapon sprite sheets?

    My sprites are 2x the normal size so the weapon attachments look strange in side view battle. I have tried to double the size of the weapon sheet but havnt had any luck. Any advise/tips how to edit/create a custom weapon sheet for my large sprites? Thanks!
  15. anonamix

    (MV) Increase Party Follow Distance

    I have large/tall sprites that look oddly close while following in the party. A simple way to change the follow distance would be EPIC. Thanks!
  16. anonamix

    Can I increase the space between party members?

    I am using large custom sprites and they look very crowded when my party is following. Is there a way to increase the space between characters? Thanks!
  17. anonamix

    Need help making an event that will allow my tall sprites to appear over my parallax overlays..

    Hi. I have created tall sprites and parallax overlay layers for my project. I would like to make an event (to place under my overlay layer object) so that when walked upon it forces my actor to appear above the overlay. So that when my actor is behind the overlay parallax (and the event is not...
  18. anonamix

    Can I have my lighting overlay above the day/nigh game tint?

    I am really enjoying the Day And Night plugin from LTN games but would like to display my lighting parallax overlay above the game tint. Any advise would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks!
  19. anonamix

    Having trouble with parallax overlay..

    I am not sure what I'm doing wrong. I created my map and the overlay layer... I installed the "bind pictures to map plugin" and "OrangeOverlay" plugins (also tried the kaus plugin).. But everytime I load my game I get this.. I have tried renaming the files and using different map...
  20. anonamix

    More detailed walk animations?

    I was wondering if I could use a different sprite sheet with more frames for walking animations? Any templates for something like that? Thanks!

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