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  1. Balrogic - Simple Paragrapher

    Simple Paragrapher 1.01 by Balrogic Introduction: This isn't a fancy multi-hundred line script that does a lot of complicated things. It does one thing, and that is formatting oversize lines of text so they fit inside your message box without any fuss. You do not need to use special message...
  2. Storing self-switches in a global variable

    Gotcha! I did work out that it runs one event at a time in the map's interpreter. In order to get around it I wound up making a method that gives each affected event an interpreter, started them that way. When I tested @starting it seemed to hang my game every time I tried to start another...
  3. Storing self-switches in a global variable

    I know it's a little off topic as a side thing, but I did just do a rather ridiculous save size test with the code Zeriab kindly provided. I calculated the first 200,000 numbers in the Fibonacci sequence and saved them. Resulted in a file that was 1,737,883,327 bytes (1.61GB). After compressing...
  4. Using methods directly instead of eval, is this approach better?

    In which case you could stick something like this in the method. puts "Warning! #{sym} is not a valid method name." unless $dactb[:enemy_as].respond_to?(sym)Now you've given a warning instead of an exception and subsequent crash to desktop.
  5. Using methods directly instead of eval, is this approach better?

    Wouldn't it be a little easier to read if you did it this way? You'll also avoid unpleasant errors if the user types the method name incorrectly or just doesn't like the behavior they made and deletes the method entirely. No need to clean up artifacts in note tags now, unless they want to change...
  6. Storing self-switches in a global variable

    I think I've seen games go as high as a couple hundred MB on saves. My old Neverwinter Nights 2 saves weigh in just under 50MB a piece. The biggest files in the save folder even appear to be compressed into some type of archive. If you wanted to modify everything event related as is, couldn't...
  7. RPG::Enemy full code

    It's probably just yet another data structure as an object. I wouldn't be surprised if that *is* the full code. The editor basically takes what you put in it then saves to a bunch of different data classes. In this case, RPG::Enemy appears to save as Enemies.rvdata2. Looking through that, the...
  8. Is there a better way to collect a group of event comments?

    My thinking is more along these lines. Just throw it in a script call before the input number command, only blows up in your face if the user tries to set the number to something stupid like "catlol".   I wound up taking a very different approach to parsing comments in events, as I tend to be...
  9. Storing self-switches in a global variable

    Here's how it goes for save file size. Setting a self-switch to an array containing ["Test", 1, 7, 6, 2] 100,000 times... Starting save size: 12,758 bytes Ending save size: 1,212,861 bytes For a simple array with true 100,000 times... Starting: 12,797 bytes Ending:  112,828 bytes That isn't...
  10. [VX Ace] How can I make saved games record variables containing procs?

    That's pretty interesting... Looks like there's a reason everyone avoids eval like the plague and it never even got mentioned in the Ruby newbie tutorials I hit up. Definitely worth taking the time to code a temporary proc system if I'm going to make even moderate use of it, then.
  11. [VX Ace] How can I make saved games record variables containing procs?

    After cramming my head full of this stuff and taking a nap (studying is *so* awful sometimes) to process it all, I did have a thought. If I jam a proc into a nested module as an instance variable with something like... @proc[3] = { local_var_werewolves += rand(6) + 1...
  12. [VX Ace] How can I make saved games record variables containing procs?

    Well, the main reason I'm not doing it that way is because I got sidetracked by all the proc type stuff and didn't think of just doing that. Functionally, it really shouldn't make a difference. It's not as though any of the methods brought up on proc serialization are capable of binding to local...
  13. Zetu's Noob Guide to Scripting in RPG Maker

    Also...   irb(main):001:0> a = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]=> [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]irb(main):002:0> puts a12345=> nilirb(main):003:0> p a[1, 2, 3, 4, 5]=> [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]irb(main):004:0> print a[1, 2, 3, 4, 5]=> nil
  14. [VX Ace] How can I make saved games record variables containing procs?

    I definitely like your loading methods, SOURCE. It's great stuff. I noticed the difficulty in storing instance variables within the serialized proc quiz, which is fairly interesting. I'm going to have to give that topic a lot of thought and study... Definitely need to learn about Marshall and...
  15. [VX Ace] How can I make saved games record variables containing procs?

    What about the possibilities of storing the proc contents as a string the whole time then writing a string class to_proc method that will take the contents of the string and treat it as a = string, minus the surrounding quotes? Is that feasible without rooting around in the source code...
  16. [VX Ace] How can I make saved games record variables containing procs?

    The only two posts that come up on a search for the terms proc and save are both in this thread. Google already came up blank while I was troubleshooting. I need procs as save contents because I don't want to have to manually define 300,000,000 methods for every little thing, I just want to...
  17. [VX Ace] How can I make saved games record variables containing procs?

    I was working on a script and noticed an instance variable was refusing to save properly. In the course of debugging I made a quick hack to attempt storing the information in switches. The results were disasterous. Instead of the game quietly saving and refusing to include the all-important data...
  18. Dungeons and Dragons Core Rules

    I'd do it SRD D20 style if it were me. WotC would have a very easy time going after people using their proprietary trademark without license. It doesn't matter if it's non-commercial. Even then you have to use SRD rather than D&D. There are special licensing requirements to put the D&D brand...
  19. [Ace] Easy Teleport

    Credit is optional and that can be used in any type of RM project free of charge. If I do get credited then credit my forum username. Those are my default terms and apply to anything I post unless otherwise stated. I'm not allergic to money though, so if anyone ever decides they want to throw...
  20. [Ace] Easy Teleport

    UPDATE: Current version now 1.0c If you're using the old version re-visit the link below and download the updated version. Follow the instructions in the 1.0c changelog if you have save games from version 1.0b. 1.0c changelog 1.0b changelog Easy Teleport is a script designed to add a...

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