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  1. Redeye

    How would you go about balancing a Summoner class?

    So this idea came out of the blue, but I've been wondering how one would make a Summoner class without making it crazy overpowered. Now, when I mean Summon, I mean literally conjuring a temporary party member. My main concerns with summon skills is that, as I said, they basically give you an...
  2. Redeye

    How do you encourage the player to use all of your party members?

    So if you're designing a game where you have, say, 8 party members, but you can only have 4 of them partake in battle at a time, how do you, as a developer, encourage the player to utilize all 8 characters equally throughout your game? Would you penalize players for using a specific character...
  3. Redeye

    How late is too late to introduce Party Members?

    When thinking about some game idea that was going on in my head, I realized that in order to space out my party members, some of them would have to be obtained pretty late into the game, somewhere beyond the halfway point, even. I started to wonder, is this a bad thing? When is it too late to...
  4. Redeye

    RMMV is unplayable for me

    I can open the Steam version and mess around with the editor without much issue, but whenever I hit playtest, it takes eons for the game to load. When I checked, it seemed to have taken 3 minutes for the game to start up, 30 seconds for the player window to come up, mind you. To make it worse...
  5. Redeye

    In need of a Gatling Gun sprite

    Hello. As of right now, I'm only in need of one thing. I'm making a game with RPG Maker VX Ace, and possibly the only sprite I need custom made is a American Civil War style Gatling Gun that I plan for a boss to have, but also visible on the map. So, I need it to be a character sprite. I only...
  6. Redeye

    Logo for a Title Screen

    I plan on making my own title screen, but the one thing I can't make is the logo that displays the title. The title of my game is "Deity Chronicles". I'd also like to have a subtitle below it saying "Made by Redeye". As for the visuals, I don't have that many specifics. I was thinking...
  7. Redeye

    Weapon Augmentations

    I only need one more script after the Instakill one I made a few minutes ago. This one is more complicated. In my game, your Equipment is reduced to an Unchangable Weapon, and 2 Accessory Slots. The Weapon is fixed, but throughout the game you can find items called Augments that you can...
  8. Redeye

    Insta-Kill when the target is at a % HP or Below Skill

    I can't seem to find a good way to implement this from within the database, so I think I may need a script for it. I have a Skill in my game that is set to Instantly Kill the target, but only if it is at 15% of its Maximum HP or below. If not, the skill fails to do anything. I was...
  9. Redeye

    Overlimit Gauge

    Since I'm using the TP Bar for something else, I'm going to need an Overlimit Gauge similar to the script used in VX. The Overdrive Gauge would only appear on an Actor when they have learned a Skill that requires Overdrive to be used. Overdrive works like TP, it increases upon performing any...
  10. Redeye

    Bonus Effects on Skills

    In my side-project, one of my characters has a wide selection of skills varying from Offense to Support. She also comes with the ability known as "Big Bonus" which applies a state to herself that enables her other skills to perform Bonus Effects when cast. With the Big Bonus State inflicted, her...
  11. Redeye

    Auto-Heal upon reaching Critical HP Levels

    One of my characters has a passive effect in which if they reach 15% of their Maximum HP or below in-battle, then that character is automatically healed for a specified amount. This effect will only be able to occur once per battle. I am going to need a plugin that will allow me to do that.
  12. Redeye

    Making TP grant you bonus effects the more you have

    I need a way to provide Bonus Effects to the Actor depending on your TP Level. My side project has a character that utilizes TP as a type of "Rage" meter. The character is named Ark, just to make things easier. According to my notes, Rage is gained via using his Offensive Abilities, which cost...
  13. Redeye

    A Few plugins that I need (List, too lazy to make separate threads for each)

    First off, if the title to this thread or this thread in general is too vague and complex, I already filled the Tags with the contents that I'm seeking right now. Currently, I'm looking for 7 Plugins that I need for this little MV Sideproject of mine. They mostly consist of battle mechanics...
  14. Redeye

    Looking for a Battler

    I'm just looking for a single simple battler. I'm looking for a VX RTP-style battler of Actor 1-4, coming equipped with a Staff of some sort. Anyone have any leads/could make one? All help is appreciated.
  15. Redeye

    Expanded Descriptions?

    Hey there. I was wondering if there was a script anywhere that allowed you to make more Detailed and significantly larger Descriptions for skills, items, etc.? Like, somewhere on the lines of Holding Shift when hovering over an item to summon a large text box with additional text? Possibly even...
  16. Redeye

    Question: What's the Default Font?

    I don't necessarily use VX, I'm just wondering what the Default font of it is so I could use it in Ace? Google has done jack and squat to help me, so I'd might as well post here for help.
  17. Redeye

    New Chapter Images

    While I wait to get other things done, I'd might as well make another request regarding a small detail I'd like to add into my game. My game is separated into 5 chapters. I would like to present each new chapter through a picture, pretty much screen-size. I'll need the pictures to display the...
  18. Redeye

    Displaying Actor Stats when using Parameter Growth Items

    Hey there. I'm gonna need a script for my game... Basically I want to show Actor Parameters whenever I use "Parameter Growth" items such as ATK Up that permanently increases ATK. So when I use an item like that, the window displays every actor's ATK Stat rather than their Lvl, HP, and MP. These...
  19. Redeye

    A small, annoying bug

    Couldn't necessarily post the problem in the title because it's too big of a problem to word out. For some reason, in my game, there's this recent problem with healing actors. When an ally is at low HP, for example, I use a healing ability that heals 25% HP. I press the selection button ONCE. I...
  20. Redeye

    Title Screen Request

    Yet again another request. This time I need a Title screen. The background would be a Thunderstorm. But you can see the moon and some moonlight peeking through holes in the clouds. The Title itself would be called Trinity. You can make it as fancy as possible. It would be preferred to type...

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