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  1. EdCote

    Steal This Idea (2016)

    True, that would be nice, and I'd be willing to help write for anyone who made a serious go of it.
  2. EdCote

    Steal This Idea (2016)

    Thanks. I'm always coming up with so many ideas that I could never possibly develop them all unless I had my own full game studio, recording studio, printing press, board game factory, and production company.
  3. EdCote

    Steal This Idea (2016)

    I have some ideas that I don't think I will actually use so I'll see if anyone might. If you guys want to continue this thread by posting your own that could be fun. Here's my first: A game that is not just in a steampunk theme, but that really lets you dig into tinkering. The main character...
  4. EdCote

    Getting Started

    Greetings. I haven't used RPG Maker since the original. I want to learn how to make games but I feel like Unreal, Lumberyard, and even Unity are beyond me. So maybe this is a good place to start. I keep coming up with great ideas but writers don't make games. I just don't have the expertise...
  5. EdCote

    Looking for a team to accumulate experience with

    I feel the same way. I'll go into some detail in my own thread.
  6. EdCote

    Looking for fellow newbies to start a new project

    Hey if you want some inspiration via fresh urban fantasy check out John Hartness. I'm a writer and I have a knack for editing so let me know if you need a fresh pair of eyes on that.
  7. EdCote

    RPG Maker VX Ace Immortal Souls Recruiting

    I might be interested. I am a very good writer and I'm curious to try some voice acting.
  8. EdCote

    What would you want in an SRPG MV plugin?

    Here's what I would dearly love to have: The combat and UI would generally be very TBS/SRPG but the actual rules of the game would be my own custom design. Players would be able to build their own character from scratch, both rules and appearance. The game uses a point-based dice pool...
  9. EdCote

    The Amber Throne (Complete)

    It looks amazing. Good job.

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