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  1. tumblingapart_dev

    RMVXA Tumbling Apart

    A short, 10 minute demo will be releasing soon. Probably in conjunction with the Steam trailer and page going live. Here is a pic:
  2. tumblingapart_dev

    RMMV Path Of A Samurai - *NEW updates!*

    This looks incredibly fleshed out. And the artwork is amazing.
  3. tumblingapart_dev

    Please help with adding an on/off switch to a script?

    That nearly solved it, thank you! Roninator2 actually helped with it as well and he also confirmed it was just a matter of re-assigning. That being said, I failed to realize that you still cannot activate events with the action button while messages are running. I am trying to do a scene where...
  4. tumblingapart_dev

    Please help with adding an on/off switch to a script?

    I recently found Pk8's move during messages script, which is amazing because it allows the player to move during messages, while also activating events with the action button, which other scripts are unable to do. There is a problem, however. There are still times on a map when I want to...
  5. tumblingapart_dev

    RMVXA Tumbling Apart

    Thank you so much Marquise! I've been working on this for about 3 years now, and my main goal is to make something people will remember via the storytelling. Would really love for this to be one that people never forget!
  6. tumblingapart_dev

    RMVXA Tumbling Apart

    Have a few more things to show at the moment- an example of the message system, and a youtube vid that gives an idea of some of the effects used. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know!
  7. tumblingapart_dev

    RMVXA Tumbling Apart

    Thanks to you both! I will definitely need some beta testers. There are several interested (mainly via twitter), but twenty or so will be needed. The game is 75-85% complete, and polishing is still required.
  8. tumblingapart_dev

    RMVXA Tumbling Apart

    You can't run from the past. But what if you could change it? In Tumbling Apart you live the story of Isaac, an ex-addict riddled with guilt over the terrible fate that has befallen his sister. When a mysterious power grants him the ability to re-experience their life and former tribulations...
  9. tumblingapart_dev

    January Goals and Progress Thread

    Nice work, Artoni! I saw this forum link via twitter and it's a great idea to stay motivated. My goal is to finally FINISH that last leg of Tumbling Apart and get it published on Steam!

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