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  1. Reedo

    Reedo's Simple Plugins

    Reedo's Simple Plugins (RSP) Reedo's simple plugins are designed to add subtle functionality with a simplistic design which minimizes any negative impact with other plugins. The scripts themselves can also be used as example for creating more complex functionality as they contain basic...
  2. Reedo

    Proposal for Creature Creator Program (just looking for artists interested in participating - not re

    This is not a request for ideas on how to make a creature creator. This is a proposal to interested artists who would like to work on the project. I would like to create a small image editor application that allows users to choose from a selection of body parts and construct a monster image; a...
  3. Reedo

    RSTW: Reedo's Scrolling Text Window

    Reedo's Scrolling Text Window (RSTW) Version 1.0 September 24, 2013 By Reedo References None. This is an original script by Reedo. However, this idea came about after I read this script request, having just finished work on my quest journal scene.  So I decided to dig deeper into Window...
  4. Reedo

    RSQS: Reedo's Simple Quest System (beta)

    Reedo's Simple Quest System (RSQS) Version 0.3 (beta) September 23, 2013 By Reedo References None. This is an original script by Reedo. Description RSQS is an easy-to-use quest system.  The RSQS script is purely about managing quests and is not a quest journal.  The RQJS (Reedo's Quest...
  5. Reedo

    RSSBSACE: Reedo's Simple Side Battle System Ace Edition

    Reedo's Simple Side Battle System Ace Edition (RSSBSACE) Version 1.7b September 30, 2013 By Reedo   References None. This is an original script by Reedo.   Description This script is a recreation of the original RSSBS created for VX back at the end of 2009.  The script has been completely...

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Decided to focus on mapping for once. I've pumped out 15* new maps over the past two days' work, including two larger ones that involved some kinda fancy parallax stuff.

*should actually be 17 by the end of the night.
its been a while help
About to go live with a drawpile stream! Me and some fellow artists will be drawing things based off of prompts!
If I post an item for sale on fb for $750 and say it's in excellent condition, what is going through someone's mind to make them think it is remotely acceptable to offer $300 for it?
Well if you're going to create a JRPG, learn from the best. DRAGON QUEST XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition purchased ^-^

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