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  1. pEcOsGhOsT

    I ended up using Moghunter's ABS (that works WAY better than Quasi)

    I ended up using Moghunter's ABS (that works WAY better than Quasi)
  2. pEcOsGhOsT

    How to remove blur?

    Oh shoot! I should've been more clear, the .js files are plugins (so just put them in your plugin folder ex: YourGameProjectFolder/js/plugins/) then just go open your game-project and add them to your plugins and turn on (just like with any other plugin) you can only use one or the other, so...
  3. pEcOsGhOsT

    Pearl ABS System: Automatic Gun possible?

    Hey my man! I actually was looking for this exact thing and I found a great explanation for it on the rpgmakercentral forums in a thread that user Highwind017 posted. Here is a link to the demo that was the end result from the post: The...
  4. pEcOsGhOsT

    3D ZOMBIE SHOOTER (inspired by resident evil 4)

    How the?... I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!!!
  5. pEcOsGhOsT

    How to remove blur?

    Here's a couple of plugins that might work for you, I made from mogwai's instructions (from this post: ) Crispy works best (at least for me) but I had to change the default font size from 28 to 32 (no big deal, in the...
  6. pEcOsGhOsT

    Limit an Event to Only Approach a Specific/Defined Side of the Character

    Whoops thanks for the heads up homie!
  7. pEcOsGhOsT

    Limit an Event to Only Approach a Specific/Defined Side of the Character

    Hey there everybody, I'm coming to because I'm stumped (but I know yall will figure it out, cuz ur the best!!) The title was a little confusing but I wasn't quite sure how to explain it so I'll try to get a little more in-depth without getting more confusing (make sense, no?? ok!!) I want to...
  8. pEcOsGhOsT

    Map Generator

    AH! YOU'RE RIGHT!!! Thanks for figuring that out!!
  9. pEcOsGhOsT

    Ludum Dare + RPG Maker

    First of all I hope I posted this in the right place and/or hope I'm not reposting something someone else has already discussed (Please let me know if that is the case but anyway!) I've been a big fan of the Ludum Dare game dev comp for several years now (for those of you that don't know it is...
  10. pEcOsGhOsT

    Best resolution for Rpg Maker MV game?

    Sorry, I'm a little late to the party but I've been surprisingly conflicted about this exact thing (I really hadn't put much thought into aspect ratios before and I didn't think I would care this much but anyway!) Since the modern gaming world has almost completely switched from 4:3 to 16:9...
  11. pEcOsGhOsT

    2D Fixed Direction (Horizontal & Vertical)

    Sorry about the late reply! You inspired me to actually sit down and figure this out... And as it turns out- you really don't even need to use plugins at all. Since a simple Script call in an event can make the change for you. Although it is quite easy to do, I figured I probably wouldn't...
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  13. pEcOsGhOsT

    Conditional Branch "character in party" question

    Thanks guys! This really helped me out!!!
  14. pEcOsGhOsT


    That's the beauty of it, you don't have to use 3D models. It's setup so you can use 2D sprites if you want.
  15. pEcOsGhOsT


    This might be worth checking out:
  16. pEcOsGhOsT

    Encounter Effect Disabler (Battle On Map... sorta)

    Good point Harken_W I've updated the plugin and I tried to remove the fade from the battle end but for some reason there is still a quick "black flash". I'm gonna see if I can remove it completely but it almost seems like it might be apart of RPG Maker's processing (if that makes sense).
  17. pEcOsGhOsT

    Animated battle backgrounds

    I'm surprised no one has responded to this... I'm also surprised that there doesn't seem to be any plugins that can accomplish this. I did find this one: However it appears that it would take some major tweaking :/ I also found this...
  18. pEcOsGhOsT

    Encounter Effect Disabler (Battle On Map... sorta)

    Introduction: This plugin removes the zoom & flash effect when you encounter an enemy (battle start) as well as the sv battlers entering from the right. For use if you want an "instant battle" or battle-on-map effect (sort of) similar to games like Chrono Trigger. Features...
  19. pEcOsGhOsT

    Map Generator

    First off thanks for this AwEsOmE plugin Sanshiro! I'm using this alongside Quasi ABS (I'm pretty sure this is the reason I'm having trouble, but anyway...) Everything works great, dungeon generates, events/enemies are placed coherently, everything seems to be perfect except... I CAN WALK...
  20. pEcOsGhOsT

    Online Font Maker/Editor

    I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this on the forums but I just found this and it is a godsend!!! A browser based, bitmap (pixel) font designer. You can create a completely custom font, or upload any .ttf font file and completely edit it. You...

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