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  1. dinkledaberry

    Hide/Show parameters in menus for MV?

    Hello! I was looking for a way to hide a couple parameters so they don't show up in status, equip, etc menus. Does anyone know of an easy way to accomplish this? I know in VX Ace and VX it was as easy as editing the base and custom scripts which was easy enough. However, I can't seem to find...
  2. dinkledaberry

    [IGMC] Half-Off Hero: The World Needs Savings

      In foregone ruins there stirs an ancient evil. Sealed long ago, by those now referred to as legend, to prevent future pain and suffering by its hand. Years passed. Then decades. Centuries. Millenia. For ages this dark force plotted and watched and waited for the perfect moment to return. For...
  3. dinkledaberry

    Check a Picture's Pixel Position w/Conditional Branch?

    Is there an easy way to use a conditional branch to check a picture's position using a script call?  Like "if[index] = 216, 312 then blah blah blah happens" or something like that to check a picture's current position?  I was working on an overworld map system and this seems...
  4. dinkledaberry

    Let's play judge! Top picks for the IGMC.

    Jury and executioner optional. So with the people's choice voting ending today I figure we can take this time to talk about our favorite games from the contest and the ones we had the most fun with! Which games that you played do you feel deserve the top places? Here are my votes- Grand...
  5. dinkledaberry

    D is for Dungeon (A dungeon crawler starring a baby)

      Hello and salutations! D is for Dungeon is my first completed RPG Maker game.  It is a story of Love and Betrayal. Of Good and Evil. Of Life and Death. Of Truth and Lies.  At least it would be. But it was made in a month for the Humble Bundle Contest.  It should take you a good afternoon to...
  6. dinkledaberry

    Is it possible to buy Japanese versions of older RPG makers anymore?

    Hello! Does anyone know of a place or way to buy the Japanese versions of RPG Maker 2000, 2003 or RPG Maker Advance? I know there are several places to download the English versions, but I'd really like to own them legally. Enterbrain's site seems to have 2000 available but only to Japanese...

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