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  1. What would you call a Dungeons & Dragons type skill system for RPG Maker?

    A few questions. Will we be able to use these in damage formulas? Will the talent lines be able to award the actor skills/trait increases for reaching certain levels in them? i.e from your screenshot: Harold raises Arcana to 10 and learns Magic Missile and +20 Max MP. Will this plugin be able...
  2. Sing and pray, it's all we can do to beat this.

    Sing and pray, it's all we can do to beat this.
  3. Is it this?

    Is it this?

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I made a lot of progress on the 2nd stage of my game. Only 10 levels but it took over a week to design and implement. Cant wait to share more info.
Decided to focus on mapping for once. I've pumped out 15* new maps over the past two days' work, including two larger ones that involved some kinda fancy parallax stuff.

*should actually be 17 by the end of the night.
its been a while help
About to go live with a drawpile stream! Me and some fellow artists will be drawing things based off of prompts!
If I post an item for sale on fb for $750 and say it's in excellent condition, what is going through someone's mind to make them think it is remotely acceptable to offer $300 for it?

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