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  1. The Black Swordsman

    Yanfly Status Menu with Tsukihime's Element Information Fix!

    Since this is a public script, It shouldn't do any harm in posting this for usage. Several things I've found out to be a problem with this script found here: Its basically a modified version of...
  2. The Black Swordsman

    Event Diagonal Movement Check?

    Is there anyway to check for an event is moving diagonally? I know we could move an event diagonally such as lower left by $[@event_id].move_diagonal(4,2)but is there anyway to check conditionally that event is moving that diagonally? Like if...
  3. The Black Swordsman

    check between event a - event b

    How would I do a check if something is in the way such as impassable tiles from Event A to Event B in conditional branch?
  4. The Black Swordsman

    Ace, adding windowskin into this message

    Hi all! :D I'm using a Text Message Window that uses gradient bars for a window. It looks like this in screenshot link: and the script Text Message Window V.1: The author released a second version which...
  5. The Black Swordsman

    Event Name Changer

    I found this but apparently it doesn't work class Game_Event attr_accessor :name alias galv_event_name_initialize_name initialize def initialize(map_id, event) galv_event_name_initialize_name(map_id, event) @name =
  6. The Black Swordsman

    Question about array?

    Hi! :D Got a quick question about arrays in a definition for example: def test_onevalue += 2value2 += 3@my_array_test = = instance arrays gets...
  7. The Black Swordsman

    What are formal arguments?

    Hi! XD What are formal arguments and can I pass a number variable to take in for the argument?
  8. The Black Swordsman

    Can I use the @symbol for condition?

    I noticed that when I do a print out on self.character, I get all of these @ stuff like @character_name="",@character_index="", @direction=2, "$Aluxes", "$Aluxes_Dash"]. Are these properties for the return actor? I tried using them as a condition to check if the self.character with a property...
  9. The Black Swordsman

    Schala move towards target help plz

    Hi! :rock-left: :rock-right: As simple as it sounds, I'm hoping someone can shed a light on my issue please ;_; I'm trying to have the actors move towards the target instead of jumping to the target as a move type in Schala BS. After doing...
  10. The Black Swordsman

    Exiting menu temp to show cutscene then back to menu and process, HELP!

    Hi Guys! After reading some of these scripts, I think I kinda understand how some things work :rock-right: :rock-left: Now, I'm wondering if I can exit a scene menu temporarily and return back to the map, show some cutscenes or members poses then return back to the scene menu and finish...
  11. The Black Swordsman

    Can I get someone to merge either or of these two scripts, please

    Hi! BD Can somebody PLEASE make a patch for Schala BS schala battle system: to make either Euphoria Threat System: or Garryl's Individual Threat System...
  12. The Black Swordsman

    Animation not showing when opacity is set to 0

    Hi! :D I realized that when I set any events opacity including player to zero, animations played from and to doesnt show up on any of them. Is there a reason why that the developers made it this way? I'm sure there's a reason to this madness, no? And is there a solution to this please? Thanks

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