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  1. No Eyebrows

    Just what i need, many thanks !
  2. Sythian Bard's World Map Tiles

    Thoses are awesome ! but some links are broken :( ... Any plans to do more ? :D
  3. MadeWithMV Performance Fix

    Hi thank you for the fix ! work as intended :)

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What worst could happen when your driver said "I know a shortcut"?
Creating Telekinesis script for another user, couldn't resist doing a scripted scene to display progress, when I could have just shown it in seconds XD
My city has enacted some measures to lock down the city from the plague for the first time in China and it has been reported even on some international news. :kaomad2: I'd never imagined my little city would be paid attention to in such a way.
I made a lot of progress on the 2nd stage of my game. Only 10 levels but it took over a week to design and implement. Cant wait to share more info.

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