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  1. I challenge you!

    I'll do some writing: Tsuliya hid in the shadow of Mother Tree, watching the knights pass by. They were drunk, mouth full of rum and heart full of joy. Honestly, she was quite jealous, but a sharp pang of hunger reminded her that this was no time to for jealousy. One of the two was called...
  2. Check out my wordpress for short stories and character analysis!

    Check out my wordpress for short stories and character analysis!
  3. RMXP Monster Catcher

    I love it. It sounds ridiculous, over the top, and full of humour. With a comical and laid back storyline in mind, it seems like the game will have a lot of personality :) For a catching system, you could go with bug nets? Or Bug cages? Use that system to replace the pokeball system (ie...
  4. Help with plot developing

    Start with a character that believes in some greater meaning, and give him a villain that also believes in that same greater meaning, but wants to approach it completely differently. For example, a demon exists below the earth and the MC sets out to destroy it, only to encounter someone along...
  5. NPC conversations, need ideas.

    I've always been a fan of having your party NPCs split up to find different locations in cities and villages. Maybe you'll have your rogue criminal guy and high nosed guard girl sitting in the Inn because there's nothing to do, and when going to the Inn you trigger an event where the two are...
  6. Writer with no engine skills introduces himself

    Hey folks, I've used RPGMaker Ace in the past, but I haven't played around with it for quite a while. I've always wanted to work with a team to build games and, more importantly, build worlds that can be shared with others. But that's not what I'm here for. I am deeply in love with...
  7. RMXP Monster Catcher

    Hello! Gotta ask some questions first before the worldbuilding begins! :) 1. How serious is the game supposed to be? Given the context, with a pokemon inspired background, I'm under the impression that the game is going to be relatively relaxed with comical relief in how ridiculous some scenes...

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I made a lot of progress on the 2nd stage of my game. Only 10 levels but it took over a week to design and implement. Cant wait to share more info.

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