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  1. SoulFab

    I'm a game maker who enjoy writing plot twists and stories for RPG

    I'm a game maker who enjoy writing plot twists and stories for RPG
  2. SoulFab

    Futuristic / Robotic generator parts

    Hey man, you should check out Bokou's ressources in this forum. HE has great sci-fi robotic generator add-ons, including bionic eyes, robot tail, robot arms and such. Don't know if it's too late, but I found this out today.
  3. SoulFab

    Esz's African inspiration tiles & others

    Merci beacoup! Génial! I was soo looking for that.
  4. SoulFab

    Odd Sprites problem

    Thank you very much mlogan!! This is working perfectly now!  :D
  5. SoulFab

    Odd Sprites problem

    Hey guys ! I am new to this forum but glad to be here. I have founds lots of informations and great ressources to help me in my game making. One of the most ressourceful post I saw was the one made by hiddenone with a lot of nice generator parts and sprites! A great job from Hiddenone but I have...
  6. SoulFab

    SV_Battlers from SV_enemies [9. The Hornet]

    Salut l'ami! Any updates on the hornet and the chimera? Take care. These are great by the way!

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