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  1. ddejan90

    Looking for Anvil as a character

    So, basically, I need an anvil to use during black smithing. Currently, I use a furnace (also as a character), but I made my black smithing a bit more complex, you need to refine ore (melt) and then craft a bar. So, I have anvil as a tile set, but I need one as a character because I don't want...
  2. ddejan90

    Help/Request for 2 scripts

    Hey all! I had an idea to implement 2 scripts in my game, but I had no luck to find any. The one I found are all dead links and can't download demo/script or can't download pictures needed to work. 1) Lock pick scripts: I need for VX Ace an interactive mini-game script. I found only one that...
  3. ddejan90

    Different prices (script,event,etc)

    I don't know if it's the right  forum to post this topic, so sorry in advance. Anyway. I was wondering if there is any way to make different villages, cities, garrison, etc have different item value. Example: I buy apple in village 1 for 10 gold. (that apple ofc by default sells for 50%...
  4. ddejan90

    Need miner sprite

    Hello. I don't know if this is right place to ask, but I need a miner sprite. If possible to get one for a commercial game. Cheers.
  5. ddejan90

    RMVXA Forgotten Memories- Secrets of the past

    I put some 1120+ hours into this game and there should be around ~8 hours of game play. The game is set in a medieval/fantasy place, but with focus on being realistic (second life type) Map is 152x150 squares big (The finished map will be 500x500 or even 2x(500x500). Quests 85(currently) Party...

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