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  1. MarisaG

    How to locate DLC content?

    Maybe a year ago I bought a DLC package of buildings, but switched from a Mac to a Ubuntu a few months ago and I don't know how/where to find my DLC content. Any pointers? Marisa
  2. MarisaG

    Help creating new mobs...

    I have commissioned several sprite sheets for monsters and can't remember how to create new mobs with them. Are there any tutorials for this? Or points to instruction would also be appreciated! Marisa
  3. MarisaG

    Alternative to IRC for RPG Maker chat (ok to post?)

    Not sure if this is ok to post but i have created a slack team for RPG Maker. What is slack? Its like IRC or twitter but saves the last 10000 messages, allows file uploads, etc. Just go to and enter your email address. If this is not acceptable to post here please let...
  4. MarisaG

    Fantastic Buildings content not showing up

    I just bought the "fantastic buildings" add-on pack and installed it like other dlc content, but i am not seeing the created buildings that I'm expecting to see. Is there a certain directory they go in? I'm running on a Mac with RMMV 1.3.1 and i tried stopping and restarting but it didnt help...
  5. MarisaG

    Dumb question - how to set what skills a player can use

    This is probably a dumb question, but how do i set what actors can use which skills?.
  6. MarisaG

    How do i set up Yanflys combo attack plugin?

    Im trying to set up Yanflys combo attack plugin but having trouble with two issues. In the edited skill(s) there is a key <Custom Cost Display> that is not in the cut&paste area and the video is too blurry to make out what the codes are. In the new state i think i have it set but i do not...
  7. MarisaG

    Rat sprites?

    Anyone have any rat sprites i can use? I have the code in my game but need the actual ratty ? 
  8. MarisaG

    Best way to randomly place random monsters

    I would like to have it so that when the player enters the dungeon it randomly places several monsters for them to fight. What is the best way to do this?
  9. MarisaG

    How to get a character & name choice?

    I have seen other pics that show a menu to set character name, but in my games when i select "new game" it just goes to the default world level directly. Any pointers on how to get a character and name choice?
  10. MarisaG

    How do i install the resource dlc's?

    I just purchased two dlc packs on steam, and i see the contents in the dlc directory under steam, but i dont see them in my games. Do i have to copy them in manually? Im on a Mac BTW... Im posting here because the pinned topic in the resource forum said to post "how do i" questions here...
  11. MarisaG

    Title screen location/size?

    Tomorrow i get my Mac version of RMMV and get started for real. ? Ive been using the Windows 1.0 edition and one thing I haven't seen is where i set the title screens. Im going to use the "press start" plugin. Anyone point me to where the title screen is? Thx!
  12. MarisaG

    Items in the store compatible with RMMV?

    I'm interested in several of the graphic packs in the store, but they only mention vx ace. Are they also compatible with mv?
  13. MarisaG

    Creative Commons music...

    My two favorite Creative Commons musicians are and - i have used their music in several games... Unwoman lives here in the SF bay area near me. Give them a listen!
  14. MarisaG

    RPG Maker game toplist

    Hope this is the right place to list this. I am really getting into RM, and have a new service for other RM devs - a toplisting for RM games. List and vote for your favorite games. Just go to, sign up and add a link to your games website. See you there! Marisa (edit: i now...
  15. MarisaG

    Max size for world map?

    Just starting out and i wondered what the maximum size for the world map might be, or best practices etc. what do you think?
  16. MarisaG

    How do i change the contact info in my profile?

    It's showing info from another of my games. Please help!
  17. MarisaG

    Looking for artists...

    Im looking for an artist or two for my game Mundo Sangre. I can pay $50 per sprite sheet and $15 for each portrait. If you are interested please get back to me...
  18. MarisaG

    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone! Im new to RM, and will be using it to create my RPG "Mundo Sangre" (Blood World). It is a mash-up of steampunk & fantasy, and I am looking forward to progressing on it  :)  i was previously developing this as a 3D game but like what i see in RM, so im switching... I hope to get...

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