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  1. robhav

    Mouse System Ex

    I did solve this, but that was a while back and I'm not completely sure but I think what fixed the issue was that I started using MBS Map Zoom and it made everything work out right.
  2. robhav

    Procedural Random Dungeon Generator (DecemberUpdate)

    Hi. Very cool. Loved KaiMonkey's script and am glad to see someone bring his concept into MV. What are your terms of use?
  3. robhav

    Improved/Combined Weapon Skills [Question]

    Don't know anything about DreamX's plugin but Yanfly's Weapon Unleash plugin lets you change a weapon's skill using javascript tags. You just put an if statement in the weapon's note tag box that checks for the condition you're looking for and if it's true it will change that weapon's attack skill.
  4. robhav

    MV - changing character at any time

    If you mean swapping the party leader without going into the formation menu this plugin will do that. - Swap Party
  5. robhav

    Firearm scripting - hitting a wall

    You can do all of this with Yanfly's skill core. It allows you to put scripts into the skill note box. You can reference user and target and do whatever you need with them. You could use it to set a variable or switch which would be unique to each actor (or maybe party index) to designate cocked...
  6. robhav

    Hide values in the HP/MP gauge in the Menu Screen?

    In rpg_windows.js script there is a Window_Base function called drawActorHp. Around line 550. Comment out the last line which is this: this.drawCurrentAndMax(actor.hp, actor.mhp, x, y, width, this.hpColor(actor), this.normalColor()); It...
  7. robhav

    increasing battlemember

    I've never used SRD's summon core but I just looked at it and noted that it has an option to set the number of turns for the summoning. If you apply a state to the summoner, and use Yanfly's Buffs & States, you can run a script when the state is applied, and then another script when the state is...
  8. robhav

    [solved] Don't starve map system

    I put all my events on the base map, then you can just have switches to go along with the loading of a particular map into a region that will activate a particular event or if you need something more complex you can use Hime's Custom Page Conditions (...
  9. robhav

    [solved] Don't starve map system

    I use Estriole's RegionMapLoader to randomize maps. I have one base map which is mostly blank divided up into regions, then a bunch of other maps of the same size but with different stuff in the different regions. Then when the player transfers to the map it autoruns an event which randomly...
  10. robhav

    city builder threw events

    You probably should check out EST Build & Decor plugin. I use it for placing buildings. You can download a demo to see how it works over here:
  11. robhav

    BACK/CANCEL COMMAND in Scene_Status

    Yanfly's Status core includes a cancel command. If you don't want to use Yanfly's plugin, you can look at it to see what you need to do, which is basically create a new Window_Command in the Scene_status create function, or rather create a new function createCommandWindow in Scene_status and...
  12. robhav

    modify variable for x turns for each actor

    You should be able to use Yanfly's Buffs and States Core to do this. It allows you to run code when a state is applied and when it is removed. If you were using the same variable number as the actor id and wanted to add 5 to the variable for actor 1, the note tag would be something like this...
  13. robhav

    Decimal Currency

    No, the currency unit only shows up on the number window, which you've fixed with the code you added. Glad it worked for you.
  14. robhav

    Decimal Currency

    Hi. Sorry. Got busy. I played around with it and seems to be working, though it's not perfect. Dollar sign is on the wrong side of buy and sell price, but you can use prices less than whole numbers. I took out the variable part. If you want to give the party other than whole number amounts of...
  15. robhav

    Decimal Currency

    This script will allow you to create decimal variables that you can use to add to the party's gold. For example you can set the decimal value at 7.98 and the party gold will display as $7.98 and will display the same way in a shop. Or if you just add a whole number value like 10, it will display...
  16. robhav

    Weapon Type Conditions

    What you should do is set a variable to the number of party members. Like this: $game_party.members.count Then make a loop variable equal to 0. Then you have to use the loop variable in place of the party member index. It would be like this for game variable 19 as loop variable...
  17. robhav

    Weapon Type Conditions

    Yeah, I should have mentioned that you need to check if they have anything equipped at all. If they don't have any weapon at all equipped that will happen. This should work. This is for the first party member. Index 0. $game_party.members[0].equips[0] &&...
  18. robhav

    Weapon Type Conditions

    You can use this script in the script box of a conditional to check if an actor has weapon type x equipped. $game_actors[id].equips[0].wtype_id == x If you want to check by party member's index instead of actor id this should work: $game_party.members[index].equips[0].wtype_id == x
  19. robhav

    Different TP modes based on equipment

    You're welcome.
  20. robhav

    Different TP modes based on equipment

    You could try using waynee95's WAY_CustomOnEquipEval plugin. You can find it over here: Then you use a weapon note tag like this: <Custom On Equip Eval> user.setTpMode(x) </Custom...

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